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Charlie the Talking Parrot

Not to be outdone by the Live Sea Lion Show, a couple of days later Charlie one of the stars of the bird show at Flamingo Land Resort in North Yorkshire also made a Live appearance on our Facebook Page.


Bringing Joy into Peoples Lives

The main objective of the Live Sea Lion Show was to help people have fun, the main driving factor for Attractions Near Me. Following the success of the Live Sea Lion Show, the stars of both the Bird and Sea Lion Shows have been making surprise appearances on our Facebook Page.


Charlie the Talking Parrot

Charlie, one of the stars of the Bird Show at Flamingo Land Resort is a real chatterbox. In this video, Charlie shows off his skills telling us about his favourite food and doing some fun impressions.


Charlie Jigsaw Puzzle

Charlie is one of the stars of Flamingo Lands Bird Show. How quickly can you complete this jigsaw puzzle featuring the little chatterbox?

If you enjoyed this jigsaw puzzle then either visit the Attractions Near Me Puzzle Page for more fun activities and jigsaws or select another Flamingo Land Resort jigsaw from the list below.

Inversion – New for 2020
Mumbo Jumbo
Marvin the Sea Lion


Sea Lion Show Live

In addition to this fantastic video of Charlie the Talking Parrot we also streamed the Sea Lion Show live to our Facebook Page in conjunction with ‘The Bird and Sea Lion Show‘ a small company that produces the shows at the popular North Yorkshire Attraction. For anyone who missed the original broadcast, Click Here to view the complete show that was streamed directly from Flamingo Land Resort.


Show your Support

It is not a well-known fact that it is a small company within Flamingo land that runs and hosts the bird and sea lion shows. In the current climate, they have reduced costs significantly where they can but as the zoo is likely to not open until July or potentially later?! Sadly they are now starting to find the costs with no income coming in almost impossible to cover. At the moment their large costs are food, medication for the animals and employees following government guidelines (they are functioning on the minimum amount of staff they can each day).

Holly and the team are looking for any form of donation to help them get through this challenging period to help them cover their costs and continue their care for the animals. As a company, they want to work for the money you may be able to provide to support them. In return, they will provide unusual and quirky services involving the animals and staff that the park has never been able to offer before and also some of the usual services you may be familiar with!

If you are thinking that you can’t, unfortunately, provide any way of helping them cover such costs then even fruit and veg donations would work as payment for services and would be greatly appreciated by their 20 greedy parrots!

You can find full details on ‘The Bird and Sea Lion Show Facebook Page‘.


Facetime a Sea Lion

Some of the services they are able to offer in return for your support include:

– FaceTime with our animals
– Personal videos sent directly to you from the animals and staff
– Birthday shout outs
– Gender reveals
– Marriage proposals
– Thank you videos
– Training videos
– Behind the scenes videos
– Enrichment videos
– Educational videos


A Thank You Message from Merlin

We made a small donation and in return we got a lovely thank you message from Merlin, one of the stars of the Sea Lion Show.

We will continue to support the The Bird and Sea Lion Show Facebook Page and hopefully partner with them for many years to come. They are a fantastic organisation and do amazing work with the animals. If you would like to know more about this great cause be sure to visit their The Bird and Sea Lion Show Facebook Page.

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