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Merlin the Sea Lion

Merlin is one of the three sea lions who star in the sea Lion Shows at Flamingo Land Resort in North Yorkshire. He makes an occasional appearance in our virtual live shows which you can watch at home on our Facebook Page.


Merlin the Sealion Profile

First name: Merlin
Full name:
DOB: 8th June 2003
Place of Birth: Longleat Safari Park
Current Residence: Flamingo Land Resort
Favourite Food: Sprats
Best Skill: Backwards Somersault
Favourite Activities:
* Playing with the nourishment ball
* Merlin loves doing training
* Doing an impression of a star
Fun Facts:
* Merlin was born on a boat
* He can be a little nervous but is growing in confidence every day.


Sea Lion of the Week

Merlin was the star of the sea lion of the week on Thursday 18th March 2021. In the video below, there is some excellent footage of Merlin performing his backwards somersault and you will learn a whole lot more about this fantastic animal.

These exclusive shows which are streamed directly to our Facebook Page are produced in conjunction with ‘The Bird and Sea Lion Show‘ a small company that produces the shows at the popular North Yorkshire Attraction.


Sea Lions at Flamingo Land Resort

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Childrens Sea Lion Quiz

Younger members of the family may enjoy having a go at our sea lion quiz which is both educational and entertaining.


Bringing Joy into Peoples Lives

Here at Attractions Near Me, our number one objective is to help people have fun. Sadly when the coronavirus struck everything was affected including Theme Parks and Attractions, a place where families would normally go to escape everyday life. When the lockdown began it quickly became apparent that it was more important than ever that we looked for ways to help bring joy and the opportunity to socially connect back into peoples lives.


Zoos Appeal for Help

Not only were people affected by this horrible pandemic but businesses were too, some more so than others. It was clear that one of the most badly affected businesses were Zoo’s which not only had to worry about the welfare of their staff, but also the welfare of their animals. As the lockdown period increased major appeals were launched by some of the UK’s largest and most established Zoos including Chester Zoo who had launched a nationwide campaign to ‘Save our zoo’, after admitting it was desperately worried about its future. With this in mind, we decided that as well as putting a smile on peoples faces we also wanted to help support a Zoo or Animal Attraction.


The Bird and Sea Lion Show

With our interest in Theme Parks and Attractions, we came across a Facebook page for ‘The Bird and Sea Lion Show‘ at Flamingo Land Resort. It is not common knowledge that they are a small company that operates the bird and sea lion shows within Flamingo Land Resort. Sadly, they were starting to find the costs with no income coming in almost impossible to cover. Flamingo Land Resort is our local park and we have been watching both the Bird and Sea Lion shows since we were children and like many other families, we now take our own children to watch the shows.

We helped support the ‘The Bird and Sea Lion Show‘ and in return, they presented a live Sea Lion Show bringing joy and entertainment to families and their children across the UK.


A long term Partnership

Following on from our initial Live Show we have maintained our partnership with ‘The Bird and Sea Lion Show‘ and the animals who are involved in the shows make regular appearances on our Facebook Page. Following the success of our first-ever live event, we are planning on there being further live shows with further emphasis placed on education and conservation.

Like our Facebook Page to stay informed. We will continue to support the The Bird and Sea Lion Show Facebook Page and hopefully partner with them for many years to come. They are a fantastic organisation and do amazing work with the animals. If you would like to know more about this great cause be sure to visit their The Bird and Sea Lion Show Facebook Page.


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