Aquariums and Oceanariums in the United Kingdom

Aquariums and Oceanariums in the United Kingdom

Whether you live in the UK or you have come here only to visit one of its countries, you should allocate some time to exploring not only its magnificent historical and cultural sites but also facilities dedicated to natural research. The United Kingdom, surrounded by diverse water bodies including the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the English Channel, and the Irish Sea, pays particular attention to marine research and preservation, and numerous oceanariums and aquariums, some of which are discussed in this article, are some of the places supporting the UK’s scientific and conservation effort.

Sea Life Brighton, England

To make the most of your stay in the UK, learn about history and nature in one place by visiting Sea Life Brighton, which is the oldest oceanarium in the world established in 1872.

This unique oceanarium offers a glass bottom boat experience that allows visitors to glide over water tanks to get a closer view of marine life. Day and night ocean journey is another exciting proposition from Sea Life Brighton, which is the best way to experience the vibrant transition of the ocean, featuring colourful corals and bioluminescent creatures. On top of that, the oceanarium has a beautiful rainforest area which is not only a home to fish and aquatic plants but also to other tropical dwellers such as frogs and giant snakes.

The Deep, England

If you are particularly interested in nature preservation, ensure to pay a visit to The Deep, a place specifically dedicated to marine life and habitat preservation. While the diversity of fauna and flora presented in The Deep is staggering, with over 3,500 creatures from more than 300 species, the oceanarium is also home to highly endangered species, for instance, gentoo penguins, and even to the animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, like green sawfish.

To make your visit even more fascinating, the oceanarium organises daily dive shows and interactive exhibits, while it is also equipped with a magnificent glass lift that allows visitors to witness the lowest levels of the ten-metre deep tank.

Oceanarium, England

Nestled along the Bournemouth shoreline, Oceanarium promises an enchanting adventure, blending entertainment with education. During your trip to Oceanarium, you will get a chance to encounter a myriad of fascinating marine creatures living both above and beneath the waves. From playful penguins and charming otters to majestic turtles and awe-inspiring sharks, Oceanarium has prepared many wonders for its visitors to unveil. If you decide to visit this place, make sure not to miss the feeding presentations.

Oceanarium - Turtle Swimming

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