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Sports Activities - Rock Jumping

Need some extra action and excitement on your trip? Don’t worry! Gloucester, which is located in southwestern England, has plenty of exciting things to do that will get your blood flowing and your heart racing. We have listed the most exciting activities you can find around Gloucestershire, ranging from popular sports like skiing and snowboarding to caving and tubing; there is something for everyone!



Visit one of the gorgeous white water tubing venues in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire for an exciting and adrenaline-filled trip! This stunning voyage will bring you face to face with some roaring rapids as you use your specially-made webbed gloves to navigate your way through the myriad of wet adventures that await you!


Skiing and Snowboarding

Even if you don’t think about it, the summer is a fantastic time to learn to ski or snowboard or to improve your abilities before venturing out to the real thing on Gloucester’s artificial ski slopes.

If you are ten or older, you may take snowboarding lessons for an hour or a day, as well as ski lessons for kids and adults (beginning at age three) at the Gloucester Ski & Snowboard Centre, which boasts the longest ski slope in England and Wales.



As Cheltenham tipsters, we should tell you about the sport of padel. Padel is one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, with a simple learning curve. And, with Cheltenham’s East Glos Club offering beginner’s lessons to individuals of all ages, there’s never been a better time to give it a try! Padel, like tennis, is played on a smaller court using shorter, stringless racquets. Padel can be played by people of all ages and skills, and since it is often played in couples, it is also a very sociable game.

Sports Activities - Padel Tennis
Sports Activities – Padel Tennis



All abilities of cavers are welcome in Clearwell Caverns, where they may take advantage of deep-level and semi-deep caving to discover tunnels and hidden caves not included in the public tour. Tours usually run between two and three hours, and visitors should be in reasonably good condition and capable of supporting their own weight while leaning on their arms and crawling short distances on their bellies. Children less than seven years old are not permitted without a parent or legal guardian.



If you’ve ever wanted to take to the skies and view the world from above, or if you want to become a fully licensed glider pilot prepared to fly cross country, the Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club at Nymphsfield is the place to start. You can enjoy the countryside from the front seat, which has the finest view, while your pilot controls the glider from behind.

Sports Activities - Gliding
Sports Activities – Gliding


Axe Throwing

Have you ever tried your hand at axe throwing? Discover what all the fuss is about at Gloucestershire’s premier indoor axe-throwing facility, where children as young as 12 can join in the excitement by aiming genuine axes at targets, similar to archery. Axe Play offers sessions ranging from 30 minutes to an hour in an indoor forest-themed axe-throwing chamber. Axe throwing is a great group activity for those wishing to add some healthy and unique competition to the mix.


Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Another fun day out is a visit to the Ninja Warrior Adventure Park. Based on the UK TV series, people of all ages can try their luck at the famous obstacles, including the notorious warped wall. It is definitely a worthwhile experience for thrill-seekers. Will you make it to the top? The large indoor adventure park provides facilities like a café and changing rooms as well as a large play area for the under 5s.



It’s all about balance when it comes to mastering this single-wheel electric board sport, and with the right posture, the Onewheel can be used to ride through the streets, off-road, and into the sunset. Sliding off one of these future motorized skateboards, on the other hand, looks amazing! Hire one from Wild Carrot at Cotswold Water Park or the Chavenage Estate in Tetbury, both of which offer trial sessions and expert instruction.

Sports Activities - Onewheeling
Sports Activities – Onewheeling


Waterskiing and Wakeboarding

Lakeside Ski & Wave at Cotswold Water Park in South Cerney claims to make waterskiing and wakeboarding so simple that even the kids will be able to participate. This is great since standing up while being towed around a lake by a boat is an incredible feeling. While you regain your footing and film the moment for posterity, your loved ones can relax on the boat, soak up some rays on the sun deck, or enjoy a drink at the Lakeside Brasserie.


Laser clay pigeon shooting

Laser clay shooting in the Forest of Dean, which combines cutting-edge technology with the beauty of nature, is an activity that may even entice teenagers outdoors for the day. Put your aim to the test in a friendly competition with family or friends. Infrared technology eliminates the need for bullets in laser clay pigeon shooting. Dean Laser Clay is providing drop-in programs for youngsters ten and up every hour on the hour this summer (otherwise, booking is required).



Individuals, families, and large groups of friends or co-workers may test their skills at the Cotswold Range’s guided archery games at Cotswold Water Park. After determining their eye dominance and choosing an appropriate bow size, children aged eight and above may try their hand at games like Play Your Cards Right, Noughts & Crosses, Battleships, and even the Apple Challenge.


To Wrap it Up

Whether you want to try a new sport or make memories with friends and family, this list of the finest sports to try in Gloucestershire will give you something to talk about. From onewheeling around Tetbury and gliding over the Cotswolds to deep-level caving at Clearwell and laser clay shooting in the Forest of Dean, there is no shortage of entertaining activities to try your hand at.

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