A Creepy Tree with a local legend that Inspired a Theme Park Ride

The Chained Oak

If you have ever ridden Hex at Alton Towers Resort then you will be familiar with the legend of the Chained Oak.

A 700 Year old English Oak Tree

The Chained Oak of Alton is a 700-year-old English oak tree which has been the subject of legend, superstition and folklore for centuries. Whether the legend is true or not, the Oak has been fastened with chains for many years. At the nearby theme park Alton Towers, the legend of the Chained Oak was used as the basis for the ride Hex that opened in the year 2000. Naturally, the experience takes liberties with the legend, but does stick to its general outline.

Hex at Alton Towers Resort
Hex at Alton Towers Resort

Hex at Alton Towers Resort

Hex is a multi-sensory, interactive experience, set within the heart of the grade II listed Alton Towers themselves. The ride is based on a long-standing local legend of the cursed fallen branches of an old oak tree, this haunted house ride is totally unique to Alton Towers Resort. What many people who experience Hex don’t realise is that the legend is actually true.

The Legend of The Chained Oak

A beggar woman spurned by the arrogant Earl of Shrewsbury cast a curse that would last for centuries.

The 15th Earl of Shrewsbury was riding home to Alton Towers in his carriage in 1821 when an old beggar woman stopped the Earl begging for a coin. When the Earl shuns her, she curses him, saying that every time a branch falls from the Oak tree a member of his family would die. The Earl refused to listen and continued on his way. That same night, a violent storm caused a single branch from the old oak tree to break and fall. Later that evening, a member of the Earl’s family suddenly and mysteriously died.

Following this unexpected death, and firmly believing the power of the curse, the Earl is said to have ordered that every branch of the Oak Tree be bound in iron chains to prevent any more branches falling. To this day, the Oak tree remains chained up.

The Curse of The Chained Oak

Alton Towers Resort continued the story with the Earl becoming obsessed with the curse, taking the branch back to the towers where he experimented on it in a secret vault recently discovered during renovations.

Journey deep inside the legendary Towers in this incredible multimedia experience… but be careful not to unearth the curse of the Chained Oak.

Where is The Real Chained Oak?

The Chained Oak from the Footpath
The Chained Oak from the Footpath

The Chained Oak is located on a public footpath to the left of the Chained Oak B&B opposite the entrance to Alton Towers Resort.
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