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Attractions Near Me Partners with Theme Park Go

Attractions Near Me is proud to partner with Theme Park Go a new App available on IOS and Android providing everything UK Theme Park related at your fingertips.

Theme Park Go

Plan your trips to the parks with estimated crowd levels, live ride queue times, and the latest attraction news thanks to RideRater.

One of the key highlights is instant offer notifications on your mobile for your favourite UK theme parks thanks to Theme Park Go’s partnership with Attractions Near Me. This will help to ensure that you are amongst the first to know when new offers become available.

Free Theme Park Tickets from Sun Superdays
Free Theme Park Tickets from Sun Superdays

What is Theme Park Go?

Thanks to years of hard work and dedication from the apps creator Mat Bailey, who set out to create something for the theme park community and the wider public, Theme Park Go brings all the information you need together into an easy-to-use app which is free to download from the app store.

In addition to the latest UK attraction news and offers, the app also contains all the information you need for over 80 theme and amusement parks across the country, along with a directory of all of the UK’s rollercoasters, dark rides and more.

A Perfect Partnership

Just like the team here at Attractions Near Me, Mat says he also always loved theme parks and rollercoasters, and this inspired the app’s creation and is also one of the factors that make this a perfect partnership.

Dan from Attractions Near Me at the Sik Opening Event at Flamingo Land Resort
Dan from Attractions Near Me at the Sik Opening Event at Flamingo Land Resort

In the words of its creator, Theme Park Go is a mobile device app built on “a lifetime of love and affection” for theme parks, rollercoasters, and the community.

Mat became interested in theme parks in his early 20s, and later joined the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain (RCCGB), a fan club for anyone with a love of rollercoasters and theme parks, which we have also been members of for many years.

Theme Park Discount Offers

All of the great Theme Park Discount Offers that can be found on Attractions Near Me are also available in the Theme Park Go app.

Download the app on your on iOS or Android device and once you have downloaded the app, you can sign up for personalised notifications for specific parks. This unique feature means that you will be amongst the first to know about any offers for your favourite UK Theme Parks with instant push notifications.

Alton Towers Offers on Theme Park Go
Alton Towers Offers on Theme Park Go

Ticket offers can also be viewed from within the app on the dedicated theme park pages with links to the full details on the Attractions Near Me website.

About the Apps Creator

Mat, the apps creator, says he loves “making things and solving problems”, as well as the theme park community at large.

The Theme Park Go app allowed him to have fun building something in an industry he loves, whilst adding value to consumers by providing an app experience that is both functional and fun to use” he says.

“I’ve also included helpful information for parents including height restrictions and paying ticket thresholds with handy filters and search options.”

Now a parent of three, Mat says that being able to establish whether he needs to buy a ticket for his children to a particular park is a valuable resource to have in his pocket.

Download Theme Park Go

Theme Park Go is 100% free, has no in-app purchases and no “annoying ads” to distract users.

The app is updated regularly with new content and features and Mat loves user feedback, taking the time to read all ideas and suggestions that get sent to him.

Theme Park Go is available on iOS and Android now.

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