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Chester Zoo has launched a new Augmented Reality app called ‘Wildeverse’. The App which is free to download uses a similar format to the popular ‘Pokemon Go’. The new app is called ‘Wildeverse’ and allows players to hunt and track wild animals with their phone. Join wildlife scientists to carry out real conservation challenges, collecting data on apes to help protect them. Explore holographic jungles and find virtual versions of real apes. You can even uncover illegal human activity from the comfort of your home.


Chester Zoo Using games to educate

Initially designed for use outdoors, the company has worked hard to make the app suitable for indoor play since the coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to stay in. The company who developed the Wildeverse app travelled to the jungles in the Congo and Borneo for inspiration. The apes you encounter in the game are based on real apes the team found, including orangutans, gibbons, gorillas and chimpanzees.

Gautam Shah, the founder of the company, who developed the new app said that “conservationists on the ground are fighting an uphill battle with the support of only a handful of people. We are on a mission to turn the 2 billion people playing games today, into wildlife lovers and supporters of conservation efforts.”


Wildeverse from Chester Zoo

Wildeverse is a really fun game to play but also shows some of the real challenges that conservationists are facing. There are over 70 missions to complete offering hours of gameplay. Players are fully immersed in the game thanks to the use of Augmented Reality. The hope is that this makes them more invested in the storyline and the wider importance of protecting the real-life apes and their habitat.

Wildeverse from Chester Zoo.


The Wildeverse App

Download the free app and transform your home into a holographic jungle, find wild apes and protect them now!

– Join a crew of wildlife scientists
– Complete missions exploring stunning life-size Augmented Reality jungles
– Find virtual versions of real apes living in the wild
– Collect food traces, footprints and poop samples
– Uncover illegal human activity in the forest

Wildeverse is a groundbreaking new game based on real apes living in the last wild jungles on earth, and the people working to protect them. Explore the virtual jungle from wherever you are, and find out if you have what it takes to save the apes.

Wildeverse from Chester Zoo.


Chester Zoo

With over 20,000 animals and more than 500 different species, Chester Zoo is the UK’s number one zoo. The large collection of animals includes some of the most exotic and endangered species on the planet.

Chester Zoo is the most-visited wildlife attraction in Britain. It holds the title of the UK’s most popular zoo and is one of the Top 15 zoos in the world.


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