Dummies Fall Out of Flamingo Lands New Ride 5/5 (6)

Inversion - Dummy Falls From Ride Highlighted

Flamingo Land demonstrated why ride testing is an essential part of the build process when some of the test dummies fell out during the new roller coaster’s test run.


Sik at Flamingo Land

Testing has now started on the new ride but it was not a great start for the test dummies as they fell out of the ride. Watch the video of the test run filmed by Go Theme Parks below.

Unfortunately, the dummies were unavailable for comment but from watching the video below we can establish that the back seats offer the most thrilling ride!

Dumies Fall Out of Roller Coaster
Dummies Fall Out of Roller Coaster

It is nothing to be concerned about as the dummies only have bodies from the waist upwards so the normal restraints used by regular guests are not applicable for this type of test. The idea of the testing is to ensure that the ride can make it successfully around the track.

Sik at Flamingo Land Resort


See the Ride in Action

The video below shows the ride in action and as the ride nears the end of its course the dummies leave their seats.

Credit to Go Theme Parks for the images and video.


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Sik Merchandise

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Sik Merchandise

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When will it open?

With the new paint colours applied and testing now underway the ride is nearing completion. It has not been confirmed by the park yet but it has been suggested that if everything goes to plan then Flamingo Land’s new ride will hopefully be opening at the end of June 2022 in readiness for the summer school holidays. Click Here for more details.

Inversion Painting Completed


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A great addition for Flamingo Land

Flamingo Lands new ride was been referred to as Inversion but on the 30th May 2022 the park officially confirmed that the ride will be named ‘Sik’ as per this article in the local newspaper. The new ride will be a fantastic addition to the great lineup of roller coasters and attractions already on offer at the North Yorkshire Theme Park.

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Sik Statistics

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Top Speed – 85km/h 52mph
Original Cost – £20m
Est Cost Today – £20m
Length – 2870ft 875m
Height – 108ft 33m
Manufacturer – Intamin
Type – Steel
Lift/Launch – Cable Lift
Inversions – 10
G-Force – Unknown
Trains – 1
Passengers per Train – 24
Ride Duration – Unknown
Theme Park – Flamingo Land Resort
Year Opened – 2022 scheduled opening (Date TBC)

Ride Elements: Loop, Cobra Roll, Double Corkscrew, Quad Heartline Roll, Heartline Roll

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