New 650m Clifftop Zip Line proposed for Scarborough 5/5 (5)

Scarborough Heights - Proposed Zip Line

An exhilarating new 650m clifftop zip line has been proposed for Scarborough’s North Bay as part of the council’s “masterplan”.

New Zip Line and Adventure Sports Experience

The overgrown and disused hilltop site in Scarborough’s North Bay which sits above Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre could soon see the creation of a large zip line and adventure sports experience.

If approved, the proposed development would include launch and landing towers, the wires connecting the two, as well as reception and safety areas and containers, marquees, gazebos, and toilets. In addition to the zip line, a ‘drop’ ride is proposed for the landing tower.

View of Scarbrough SEA LIFE Centre from the former site of Mr Marvels
View of Scarbrough SEA LIFE Centre from the former site of Mr Marvels

Scarborough Heights

The proposed ‘Scarborough heights’ which was formerly home to Mr Marvel’s Amusement Park has views over the town’s North Bay, The Open Air Theatre, Alpamare Waterpark and Scarborough SEA LIFE Centre.

650m Zip Wire Ride

The zip line is set to be 650m in length with a total of four zip wires interconnecting the two towers. The additional ‘drop’ ride would only be available to those already riding the zip line.

According to the applicant, Big Bang Promotions, this ride would provide visitors with the opportunity to “freefall to ground level rather than disembarking the landing tower by the stairs”.

View of Scarbrough Alpamare Scarborough from the former site of Mr Marvels
View of Scarbrough Alpamare Scarborough from the former site of Mr Marvels

Scarborough Zoo and Marineland

The proposed site for the new zip line attraction was previously home to Scarborough Zoo and Marineland. First opened to the public in 1969, guests could either climb the hill leading up to the park or for a more thrilling experience board a chairlift taking them up to the park’s entrance.

Upon reaching the top of the hill a magical view would emerge in front of you as the park opened up before your eyes revealing all the fun rides and attractions that awaited you!

The remains of the Chairlift Station
The remains of the Chairlift Station

Mr Marvels

In 1987 Scarborough Zoo and Marineland was renamed Mr Marvels. The fun park sadly closed its gates to the public in 2001 so the site could be purposed for redevelopment.

The original Scarborough Zoo and Marineland featured a number of different attractions ranging from Dolphin and Sealion shows to a model village and even an adventure playground.

Attractions Included a Large Steel Roller Coaster

When the park was rebranded as Mr Marvels in 1987 new rides and attractions were introduced including a Pinfari Steel Coaster named Viper, a paratrooper ride (similar to Funk ‘N’ Fly at Alton Towers Resort) and life-sized model dinosaurs.

When the park closed in 2001 the majority of the rides were relocated with the Viper roller coaster being transferred to Knowsley Safari Park. Remnants of Mr Marvels can still be seen however and this is most evident by the rusting chairlift pylons still standing on the hillside in North Bay.

For anyone who would like to discover more about the historic attractions we recommend that you join the Facebook Group ‘Scarborough Zoo and Marineland

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