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World of Jumanji - Jaguar Shrine

Following on from some great additions to UK Theme Parks in 2022, 2023 again has lots to offer.

There is a great lineup of rides and attractions due to launch in 2023, ranging from thrilling new rides, whole new themed worlds and water parks, to indoor golf adventures and mythical worlds abroad. We’ve got everything you need to make your next year extra exciting and filled with awesome family memories.

World of Jumanji @Chessington World of Adventures

The amazing new World of Jumanji is scheduled to open at Chessington World of Adventures Resort in Spring 2023. It will be the first Jumanji-themed land in the world! Guests will be able to discover an immersive world filled with jungle adventure, wild rides and a Jaguar shrine as the feature point.

World of Jumanji - Entrance Portal
World of Jumanji – Entrance Portal

Rides and attractions include Mamba Strike and Ostrich Stampede.

Mandrill Mayhem

The feature attraction named Mandrill Mayhem will feature a 380-metre boomerang-style incomplete circuit winged roller coaster which will be accompanied by the planting of 750 trees. The new roller coaster station will feature loading bays on either side of the track and a 24-seat single train. With a top speed of 45 miles per hour, the roller coaster track will feature an inversion above the new jungle-themed area’s entrance.

Amazon Land at Chessington World of Adventures
World of Jumanji at Chessington World of Adventures

The boomerang-style layout will terminate while spiralling around a 20-metre (66-foot) animal-themed structure before the train falls into a reverse cycle back to the ride station.

Project Amazon at Chessington World of Adventures
Mandrill Mayhem at Chessington World of Adventures

Short Breaks @Chessington World of Adventures Resort

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Mini-Golf @LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort is due to open a new indoor mini-golf in Spring 2023. The new attraction will feature 3 indoor LEGO-themed mini golf courses.

The Theme Park will also be commencing work on developing 150 LEGO-themed lodges but these are not due to open until 2024.

Click Here to view Short Breaks at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.

Duel @Alton Towers Resort

Duel closed for refurbishment in September 2022 and is due to reopen at the start of the 2023 season with a return to the original Haunted House design. The new ride will be named ‘The Curse at Alton Manor’

Alton Towers - Duel Haunted House
Alton Towers – Duel Haunted House

Semi-retired consultant John Wardley, the Haunted House’s original concept designer, is understood to be heavily involved with the project alongside Merlin’s in-house creative ‘Magic Making’ department. The original ride system used in the Haunted House and Duel will be retained, but the laser shooters and much of the existing scenery and props have been removed.

A New Haunted House

Mark Fisher, former chief development officer for Alton Towers operator Merlin Entertainments, said the ride would re-open closer to the original 1992 ride prior to its re-theme as Duel in 2003.

Fisher told the Stoke Sentinel: “It will be more like the original Haunted House, with a completely new story. Some of the old Victorian techniques – the use of mirrors, for example – are still so good.

“The Merlin Magic Making team has been here and I’m excited about what they have planned. A lot of people fondly remember the old Haunted House and we think this is going to be huge.”

The Curse at Alton Manor

The attraction is scheduled to reopen on 18 March 2023 and has been described as a haunting dark ride, taking you on a hair-raising journey through the spectacular twists and turns of the cursed Manor. The new ride will include special effects that have never been seen before in a UK theme park.

Alton Towers Resort - The Curse at Alton Manor
Alton Towers Resort – The Curse at Alton Manor

Dolls are widely expected to feature in the new ride after several journalists received wind-up jack-in-a-boxes from which doll’s heads sprung.

Nemesis Sub-Terra @Alton Towers Resort

To help mitigate the effect of the neighbouring Nemesis rollercoaster being closed throughout the 2023 season, the former Nemesis Sub-Terra dark ride will be brought back into operation.

Lilidorei @The Alnwick Garden

An interesting new addition for 2023 is Lilidorei at The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland. The garden is located adjacent to Alnwick Castle which starred as the magical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the 2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and the 2002 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The brand-new, ethereal and adventurous attraction is set to open at Alnwick Garden in Spring 2023!
Once completed, Lilidorei will claim the title of the world’s biggest children’s play park.

Lilidorei - The world’s biggest children’s play park
Lilidorei – The world’s biggest children’s play park

Costing £15million Lilidorei is set to be an all-year-round Christmas-themed attraction! Featuring gingerbread-esque houses and wooden homes for magical creatures, such as elves and goblins. As well as an enchanting Christmas village, you’ll find super fun activities like zip wires, slides and climbing walls that will connect to each mystical area!

The whole magical world will reinvent Christmas the traditional way, no big, bright flashing lights, but a captivating and beautiful world that will capture the heart of Christmas and your child’s heart.

With Christmas trees adorning the wooden lodges, you’ll feel festive all year at the ‘world’s biggest playground‘. You’ll also find food and drink stalls, offering festive food, tempting treats and delicious drinks – like hot chocolate!

Valhalla Reimagined @Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Valhalla opened on June 14 2000, at a cost of £15m. The thrilling dark ride combines special effects, including fire and snow, and dramatic drops in what was Britain’s biggest privately funded millennium investment and one of the best water rides in the world. The ride closed in 2020 for a major refurbishment and it was originally set to reopen for Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s 125th anniversary year in 2021.

A spokesperson for Blackpool Pleasure Beach said: “Blackpool Pleasure Beach is proud to announce that the ride Valhalla is being given a sprinkling of magic Christmas dust and will experience a reimagining during the 2020 season with the ride reopening in 2021, in time for Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s 125th anniversary year.”

Due to delays caused by Covid-19, Valhalla reimaged is now scheduled to reopen in the 2023 season.

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Skyflyer @Zip World Rhyl

Based on the sunny Rhyl coast, Zip World Rhyl is home to Skyflyer, the world’s only sight-seeing experience of its kind, where people can enjoy panoramic views, hovering 140m in the air on its balloon airship.

Skyflyer - Zip World Rhyl
Skyflyer – Zip World Rhyl

The attraction has been designed to be accessible to all, including wheelchair users, and has space for other disability support equipment.

Two new Roller Coasters @Emerald Park

Previously known as Tayto Park, construction has begun on two new steel rollercoasters at Emerald Park in Ashbourne, Co Meath, Ireland.

The new rides, which have a budget of €16 million, will bring the total number of rollercoasters at Emerald Park to five. The other three are called Cú Chulainn, Flight School and Dino Dash.

The new additions will be made up of a family roller coaster and a large new ride aimed at thrill-seekers. The family coaster will be a Vekoma Boomerang similar to Accelerator at Drayton Manor and Velococaster at Paultons Park.

The larger ride, aimed at thrill-seekers is a new model named the Vekoma STC (Suspended Thrill Coaster). This new model is a variation on the Vekoma SLC (Suspended Looping Coaster) which can be found at parks across the UK. Examples of the Vekoma SLC include Kumali at Flamingo Land Resort, Infusion at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and The Odyssey at Fantasy Island.

In 2021 Tripsdrill Theme Park in Germany installed the exact same two Vekoma STC roller coasters that are due to be installed at Tayto Park. The video below features the thrilling new Vekoma STC.

At Tripsdrill the two rides interact with one another and the plan is for the same to happen at Tayto Park, the following video demonstrates the interaction between the two new rides which will be installed at Tayto Park for the 2023 season.

What can we look forward to in 2024 and beyond?

We are already getting an indication of some fantastic additions to the UK Theme Park lineup for 2024 and beyond. Read below to see what new rides and attractions you can expect in the next few years.

UK’s Tallest Roller Coaster @Thorpe Park Resort

Thorpe Park Resort in Surrey has unveiled proposals to build a new 236-foot (72-metre) rollercoaster in a recent consultation event. If planning permission is granted and the new ride is built then Thorpe Park Resort will claim the title of UK’s tallest roller coaster currently held by The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach since 1994. The ride would be the Surrey theme park’s first new roller coaster since The Swarm opened in 2012.

Thorpe Parks new Ride - Artists Impression1
Thorpe Parks new Ride – Artists Impression1
Thorpe Parks new Ride - Artists Impression2
Thorpe Parks new Ride – Artists Impression2

Click Here to learn more about the proposed new ride.

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Indoor Roller Coaster @Alton Towers Resort

A new indoor rollercoaster dubbed Project Horizon has been submitted for planning by Alton Towers Resort. There is a long way to go before this project comes to fruition but if everything goes well then this new ride could potentially open in 2025.

New Roller Coaster @Southport Pleasureland

Southport Pleasureland are constructing a new 681-metre long roller coaster with a 35-metre vertical drop 35-metre. The new Thunderbolt roller coaster will reach a top speed of 56 miles per hour.

Southport Pleasureland - Thunderbolt
Southport Pleasureland – Thunderbolt

The roller coaster which is due to open in 2024 will be a significant new addition to the Merseyside amusement park featuring a narrow 260-metre profile that would run parallel to Southports seafront road, Marine Drive.

The video below gives an insight into how the ride will look.

New Roller Coaster @Drayton Manor

Information is limited at this time but Drayton Manor are making the necessary preparations to install a new “family thrill” rollercoaster in 2024. Victoria Lynn, the park’s new managing director has said that the ride’s location would include the site of the former Apocalypse drop tower, which was removed last year.

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