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Free Days Out with Blue Peter Badge

Any child between the age of 6 and 15 can get a Blue Peter Badge and once they have one, they can enjoy free entry to over 200 UK theme parks and attractions across the UK.

Simple Application Process

There are 8 different badges to choose from and applying for one is a very straightforward process, just follow the instructions below.

The Green Badge is our personal favourite because, not only can your child help nature, the environment and our planet, they are rewarded for their efforts with free days out.

What is the Blue Peter Badge?

Blue Peter is the longest-running children’s TV programme in the world. When I think of Blue Peter badges, I think of incredible creations sent in by children and featured by the presenters on the show. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be something involving sticky back plastic and copious amounts of glue anymore.

A Blue Peter badge is a special award given to children, either in recognition of achievement or for appearing on the show. There are eight different Blue Peter badges that your child can earn (see below for details). Badge holders can visit theme parks, zoos, museums and castles all for free.

What Attractions Offer Free Entry?

Keep a lookout for the Blue Peter Badge Attraction Poster on your family days out.

Blue Peter Badge Attraction Poster

There are over 200 UK Attractions that you can enter for free with your Blue Peter Badge. Highlights include major theme parks such as Adventure Island at Southend-on-Sea and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. There are also a wide range of zoos including Africa Alive!, Edinburgh Zoo, Knowsley Safari and ZSL London Zoo.

Top 10 Blue Peter Badge Attractions

There are over 200 attractions included in this offer, this Top 10 listing is based on our personal experiences and extensive knowledge of the attractions industry.

Top 10 Places to Visit for Free with a Blue Peter Badge
Top 10 Places to Visit for Free with a Blue Peter Badge

You can take a Fun Quiz to help decide which attractions you want to visit for Free.

Click Here to view all Attractions partaking in this offer.

Please remember to read the Blue Peter Terms and Conditions and also check individual attractions websites to see opening times and confirm they are operating as normal before setting out on your journey.

Which Badge Can My Child Get?

There are eight different Blue Peter badges that your child can earn (see below for details). The two Blue Peter Badges that any child between 6 – 15 years old can earn are the Iconic Blue Badge or the Green Badge which can be earned by becoming a Blue Peter Climate Hero.

You can take a Fun Quiz to help determine which badge is most appropriate for your child.

How to Apply for the Iconic Blue Badge

In order to earn the Iconic Blue Badge, your child must be between 6 – 15 years old. Your child will need to send Blue Peter something creative. This could be a poem, a story, some artwork, a model, a recipe, a suggestion for the show, or an interesting letter telling them about something your child has done linked to their hobbies and interests.

Don’t forget to include your child’s full name, date of birth, home postal address and postcode (not your child’s school address).

Send your application letter and any other materials to the following address:

Blue Peter
M50 2BH

Blue Peter receives thousands of applications from youngsters every week so make it imaginative!
Badges can take up to 10 weeks to arrive so do be patient.

Click Here to view Blue Peter badges – questions and answers.

How to Apply for the Green Badge

The Green Badge can be applied for by completing an online form. If your child is aged between 6 – 15 years old and cares about nature, the environment and our planet, then the Green Badge is a great choice. In order to earn the Blue Peter Green Badge and become a Blue Peter Climate Hero, they just need to follow 3 simple steps.

1 – Choose your Power, Plastic and Plants Pledges.
2 – Keep doing the pledges for two weeks.
3 – Tell Blue Peter all about your three pledges and apply for your Green Badge.

Blue Peter Green Badge
Blue Peter Green Badge


Choose one of these Power Pledges for two weeks:

Turn off an electrical device when you are finished using it rather than leaving it on standby – this could be their games console, computer, tablet or television.


Switch half an hour of screen time for 30 minutes of outdoor time.


Choose one of these Plastic Pledges for two weeks:

Switch from plastic food wrap to a lunchbox or reusable sandwich wrap.


Sort the rubbish recycling at home carefully.


Choose one of these Plants Pledges for two weeks:

Plant pollinator-friendly plants and look after them – planting marigolds, chives or sunflower seeds can encourage bees and butterflies to thrive.


Save water by turning off the taps when you brush your teeth. Using less water gives plants and trees more to drink.

Send Your Application

When you have completed your three Power, Plastic and Plants Pledges for at least two weeks, you can Click Here to apply for your Blue Peter Green Badge. Tell them what you’ve done and upload your photos and artwork to show how much you care about nature, the environment and our planet.

The Different Types of Blue Peter Badge

There are eight different Blue Peter badges that your child can earn. It doesn’t matter which Blue Peter badge they have, they all entitle them to free entry. Some are easier to get than others. Once you have your first, you can then apply for others.

Blue Badge

The Blue Badge is the most iconic badge in the UK, awarded for sending in interesting letters, stories, makes, pictures, poems, good ideas for the programme, and for having appeared on Blue Peter.

Visit the Official Blue Peter Website for more details on how to apply for a Blue Badge.

Green Badge

Green Badges are awarded for becoming a Blue Peter Climate Hero and completing three pledges to help the environment, for at least two weeks. Upload your photos and artwork to show how much you care about nature, the environment and your planet.

Visit the Official Blue Peter Website for more details on how to apply for a Green Badge.

Silver Badge

The Silver Badge is awarded to Blue badge holders who are loyal Blue Peter fans that go on to make an extra effort. For example, if you won a Blue badge for an interesting letter or email, you could win a Silver badge by sending in something different such as a make, picture or poem.

Blue Peter Silver Badge
Blue Peter Silver Badge

Visit the Official Blue Peter Website for more details on how to apply for a Silver Badge.

Purple Badge

Are you a Blue Peter fan? If you are then you should apply for the Purple Blue Peter Fan Club badge and become part of the unique and exclusive club. Purple Fan Club badges are awarded for joining the Blue Peter fan club and answering some questions about the show and the website.

Visit the Official Blue Peter Website for more details on how to apply for a Purple Badge.

Music Badge

Get your hands on the incredible-looking Music Badge, designed by superstar Ed Sheeran. It’s awarded to those who show off their passion for music by learning a new instrument or being part of a musical performance.

Blue Peter Music Badge
Blue Peter Music Badge

Visit the Official Blue Peter Website for more details on how to apply for a Music Badge.

Sport Badge

To earn the beautifully designed Sport Badge, created by the incredibly inspirational Sky Brown, all you need to do is try a new sport and tell Blue Peter about it.

Blue Peter Sport Badge
Blue Peter Sport Badge

Visit the Official Blue Peter Website for more details on how to apply for a Sport Badge.

Orange Badge

Orange Badges are given to winners and runners-up of Blue Peter competitions. To have a chance of winning one of these badges you have to enter a Blue Peter competition, which only run at certain times of the year.

Visit the Official Blue Peter Website for more details on how to apply for an Orange Badge.

Gold Badge

The rarest Blue Peter Badge of all is the Gold Badge. Each year only a few are awarded in exceptional circumstances for outstanding achievements, for example being solely responsible for saving someone’s life, or showing amazing and unique bravery, courage and citizenship.

Extraordinary adults can also be awarded a Gold Blue Peter Badge. They are awarded to high profile personalities who are role models, inspiring the nation’s children. Blue Peter presenters and pets are usually awarded a gold badge to recognise their achievements on the show.

Visit the Official Blue Peter Website for more details on how to apply for a Gold Badge.

Blue Peter Gold Badge Walk

Blue Peter unveiled a special Gold Badge Walk to mark the show’s 60th anniversary, a path to honour some of the well-known names who have received the special accolade. The public walkway is emblazoned with 44 giant Gold Badges inlaid randomly throughout the walk with the famous Blue Peter ship and names of famous, public figures including JK Rowling, Usain Bolt, Sir Elton John, David Beckham, Tim Peake, David Attenborough and Her Majesty The Queen. Also honoured are former Blue Peter presenters Valerie Singleton, Peter Purves and John Noakes. Biddy Baxter, editor of the programme for 23 years, and Percy Thrower, the first Blue Peter gardener.

Blue Peter’s Gold Badge Walk has been built at MediaCityUK in Salford, joining the famous Blue Peter Garden to the CBBC’s studios.

Blue Peter Gold Badge Walk
Blue Peter Gold Badge Walk

There are a number of well-known famous, public figures and former Blue Peter presenters featured on the Gold Badge Walk.

* Her Majesty The Queen
* David Attenborough – Broadcaster
* Steve Backshall – British naturalist
* Gary Barlow – Singer-songwriter
* Biddy Baxter – British television producer
* David Beckham – English footballer
* Mary Berry – Food writer
* Malorie Blackman – British writer
* Quentin Blake – Cartoonist
* Usain Bolt – Jamaican runner
* Michael Bond – British author
* Cressida Cowell – Author
* Roald Dahl – British novelist
* Tom Daley – British diver
* Jessica Ennis-Hill – British track and field athlete
* Tanni Grey-Thompson – Paralympic athlete
* Lewis Hamilton – British racing driver
* Dani Harmer – Actress
* Kelly Holmes – English athlete
* Anthony Horowitz – Novelist
* Chris Hoy – British cyclist and race-car driver
* Elton John – English singer-songwriter
* Jade Jones – Welsh athlete
* John Lasseter – American film director
* Chris Martin – Singer-songwriter
* Michael Morpurgo – Author
* John Noakes – English television presenter
* Nick Park – British animator
* Tim Peake – British astronaut
* Peter Purves – English television presenter
* Chris Riddell – Illustrator
* Wayne Rooney – English footballer
* JK Rowling – British author
* Ellie Simmonds – British swimmer
* Francesca Simon – American author
* Valerie Singleton – Television presenter
* Steven Spielberg – American film director
* Sarah Storey – Paralympic athlete
* Percy Thrower – British gardener
* Beth Tweddle – British gymnast
* David Walliams – Comedian
* Bradley Wiggins – Professional road racing cyclist
* Jacqueline Wilson – English novelist
* Barbara Windsor – Actress

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