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SEA LIFE - VIP Experiences

Looking for a unique gift or an unforgettable memory to share with family and friends?

Choose from an awesome range of VIP Experiences at SEA LIFE centres across the UK including Breakfast with the Seals, Turtle Feeding Experience, Sharks After Dark and more…

SEA LIFE VIP Experiences

Dive in and make the most out of your visit to SEA LIFE with one of their VIP experiences. Discover more about each of the fin-tastic SEA LIFE VIP experiences below.

Keys to the Aquarium

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to open an aquarium? Discover for yourself when you help unlock the aquarium in this unforgettable VIP experience.

As part of this experience, you will enjoy exclusive early access along with a private guided tour around the attraction. You will be accompanied by an expert guide who will help you discover the secrets beneath the seas and learn about the incredible creatures.

Behind the Scenes Tour

SEA LIFE - Behind The Scenes Tour

Take an exclusive peek into the operations of an aquarium, showcasing how they nurture the marine residents, the breeding programs, and the measures they take to create ideal habitats. It’s a family-friendly journey into the heart of SEA LIFE.

Deluxe Package

SEA LIFE London Aquarium - Rainforest

Dive into a world of wonder with the Deluxe Package, offering anytime access, an immersive VR experience, and a complimentary guidebook or mission pack to enhance your underwater adventure!

Breakfast with the Seals

Join the team at SEA LIFE Scarborough and learn about how their resident seals Ed, Boo, Pendle and Mando all came to live at the centre. With exclusive early entry, one of the trained staff members will take you on a VIP tour and feeding session with the seals.

Get a private after-hours guided tour of the whole aquarium and discover the secrets beneath the seas for a group of up to 6 people.

Meet the SEA Otters

Go behind the scenes for a once in a lifetime chance to meet the otterly adorable Northern Sea Otters. Guided by one of the wonderful animal care team, see how they care for the UK’s only pair of sea otters. Learn about what they eat, their day to day life, and see them up close and personal! Then it’s playtime!

Penguin Experience

Secure your spot in the VIP Turtle Experience at SEA LIFE Aquarium and enjoy a lunch date with the enchanting Green Sea Turtles. This unforgettable experience offers a rare opportunity to get up close with these magnificent creatures, learn about their lives, and understand the crucial conservation efforts SEA LIFE around the world undertake to protect their species.

SEA LIFE - Penguin Experience

Perfect for marine life enthusiasts, this encounter promises a memorable moment connecting with nature’s gentle giants.

Turtle Experience

Join the VIP Penguin Experience at SEA LIFE Aquarium for an intimate encounter with the sub-Antarctic penguin colony. This exclusive experience not only offers a closer look at the playful antics and unique characters of these endearing creatures but also allows you to discover more about the effort it takes to care for these birds!

SEA LIFE - Turtle

As staunch supporters of conservation, SEA LIFE are committed to the wellbeing of their penguins and their natural habitats, by partaking in this experience you are supporting the SEA LIFE Trust to continue to safeguard ocean life and habitats.

Marine Biologist

Want to become a Marine Biologist for the day?

SEA LIFE - Marine Biologist

This experience involves a special one-on-one day out with an expert member of our animal care team. You’ll learn all about the amazing creatures at the centre, their habitats, feeding habits and much, much more whilst helping to feed them along the way!’

VIP Shark Experiences

Come face to fin when you book one of these jaw-some shark experiences.

Snorkel with Sharks

Get right up close and personal as you snorkel in the Ocean Tunnel amongst an array of sharks, including Black Tips, White Tips, Zebra Sharks and Nurse Sharks.

Sharks After Dark

SEA LIFE London Aquarium - Shark Tank

Take a private after-hours guided tour of the whole aquarium and discover the secrets beneath the seas. A member of the SEA LIFE team will help you discover the secrets beneath the seas for the ultimate VIP visit!

You will learn all about the incredible creatures, their habitats and diets, and can ask any sea-related questions you may have.

Sleepover with the Sharks

When all the daytime staff have gone home for the night, and most of the lights are switched off, you can come and see what the creatures get up to when they think no one is watching!

With the Sleepover Experience, you’ll have the opportunity to sleep inside the Ocean Tunnel with sharks, turtles and hundreds of species of fish swimming above you. You can also participate in a range of great aquarium activities without the daytime crowds. 

As part of this package you also get a fully guided VIP tour of the aquarium with the knowledgeable staff where you’ll have the whole place to yourself!

Animal Feeding Experiences

Get right up close and personal to the animals as you enjoy a VIP feeding experience at your local SEA LIFE aquarium.

Ocean Feed

Head behind the scenes of the UK’s only 360° Ocean Tunnel at The National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham to feed some of its most iconic residents.

You might come face to flipper with the magnificent giant vegetarian green sea turtle Mo who loves to eat broccoli, lettuce and kale, or perhaps you’ll get to feed some of our jawsome black-tip sharks, as you join them for a lunch date you’ll never forget!

Otter Feed

You will have an otter-ly great time when you get up close and personal with a VIP otter Feeding Experience. Watch as they dip and dive in their river, wash themselves with pebbles and play the long grass. Learn all about them from an expert animal care professionals you feed them one of their meals.

Penguin Feed

Hand-feed the penguins their fishy banquet and watch up close as they waddle, swim and play around you!

Each one of the playful penguins has a distinct personality, which you can get to know as you meet and learn everything there is to know about them!

The VIP experience includes a sneak peek behind the scenes where you can discover how these cheeky little creatures are cared for and take the opportunity to ask the team of penguin experts anything you want to know.

Scatter Feed

This fin-tastic experience provides you the opportunity to get to know and feed the smaller animals at the aquarium.

As part of this experience, you’ll learn all about our clownfishrayssharks and archerfish.

Seal Feed

Feed the seals their fishy feed – but watch out, they like to splash!

The Seals are very inquisitive and love to follow guests around whilst splashing and showing off. During your feed, you will also get the chance to learn more about the seals, their diet and their habitats and you can ask any sea-related questions you may have.

You are sure to have a fish-tastic time!

Shark Feed

Come face-to-fin with the resident sharks during this jaw-some feeding experience!

Get up close and personal as you private feed the resident sharks, learn about their diet, nutritional plans and their unique personalities.

Stingray Feed

Get closer than ever to the cownose rays with this unforgettable two-part experience! 

Start your day by hand-feeding the stingrays at the top of the Ocean display followed by scatter-feeding the Stingray Bay. A knowledgeable team member will be on hand to assist you and teach you all about the stingrays, their behaviours, their diet and their habitats. They can also answer any sea-related questions you may have.

You will also be able to explore all the other amazing creatures that are cared for in the centre before and after your feeding experience.

Turtle Feed

SEA LIFE - Turtle Feed

Meet the aquarium’s friendliest and hungriest resident. The turtle feed takes place with a knowledgeable trained Aquarist to help you enjoy your experience and tell you everything you need to know about the sea turtle’s diet and habitat.

Glass Bottom Boat

SEA LIFE Brighton - Glass Bottom Boat

Glide over the ocean tunnel and see which of the incredible creatures you can spot!

Virtual Reality Experience

Experience the ocean from a whole new angle with the immersive Virtual Reality experience. Choose from 4 different ocean and sea creature-themed experiences as you take a virtual journey below the surface.

VIP Experience Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Apply, for each individual VIP experience T&C’s, please refer to the associated SEA LIFE Centre Official Website for details.

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