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A visit to an Aquarium is an ideal choice for a day out on a rainy day.

Aquariums are located in most major seaside resorts across the UK.

In addition to the Aquariums on the coast, there are also some inland Aquariums too.

The most well known are SEA-LIFE and Blue Reef Aquariums.

With SEA-LIFE being part of Merlin Entertainments portfolio, they are often present within their Theme Parks too.

The UK also plays host to some independently owned Aquariums.

The exhibits are often not limited to Sea Creatures and may feature other animals too.

Discover more about the wide selection of Aquariums located across the UK

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    • image-120

    SEA LIFE Blackpool

    • image-98

    Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary

    • image-338

    Cornish Seal Sanctuary

    • image-331

    Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park

    • image-292

    SEA LIFE Manchester

    • image-278

    SEA LIFE London Aquarium

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    National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham