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    Saltburn Cliff Tramway

    Take a ride on Britain’s oldest remaining water balanced cliff lift. The Saltburn Cliff Tramway links the Spa town of Saltburn-By-The-Sea to the pier and promenade. Saltburn-By-The-Sea is home to the only remaining pleasure pier on the entire North East and Yorkshire coast.



    History of Saltburn Cliff Tramway

    The Saltburn Cliff Tramway opened in 1884 to replace an earlier vertical hoist. It is the oldest water balanced funicular still in operation in Great Britain. The two cars, each fitted with a 1000 gallon water tank, run on parallel tracks. The 10-12 seater cars were rebuilt to the original Victorian design for the Saltburn 150 celebrations in 2011.


    Saltburn-By-The-Sea Original Hoist
    Saltburn-By-The-Sea Original Hoist


    How the Saltburn Cliff Tramway works

    The car at the top of the 71% incline has it’s tank filled with water until it overbalances the weight of the car 120ft below. In 1924 an electrically operated water pump was installed. Once enough water has been transferred to the car at the top, it gently descends whilst the pulley system attached to the cars pulls the lower car up the incline. The cars pass each other at the midway point and when the car reaches the bottom its water is re-pumped to the top and the process begins all over again. The cars are controlled by a brakeman at the top.


    Saltburn Cliff Tramway - View from the top
    Saltburn Cliff Tramway – View from the top

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    Saltburn-by-the-Sea is a Victorian seaside resort in North Yorkshire. The town boasts a number of tourist attractions including a pleasure pier, mini golf and miniature railway. As you would expect it is very popular with tourists on warm sunny days.


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