The Coldstones Cut

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    The Coldstones Cut

    At 421 metres above sea level, The Coldstones Cut is Yorkshires biggest and highest public artwork. The major landmark offers an amazing view of the quarry hidden within the hill below. Coldstones quarry is the only remaining quarry in Nidderdale. Be prepared when visiting the Coldstones Cut as it can be very windy.




    The role of the Coldstones Cut

    The initial objective was to create a viewing platform where local schoolchildren could visit the Coldstones Quarry in a safe environment. It was thanks to this that the amazing Coldstones Cut was formed. The sculpture functions as an array of platforms from which visitors can view the spectacular quarry below. The artwork functions as an interpretive medium for the surrounding landscape, its industrial heritage and its relationship with the quarry. The attraction gives visitors a fantastic outlook over the landscape of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Beauty and beyond.


    Views of Nidderdale
    Views of Nidderdale AONB


    A Major Landmark

    At a height of 1375 feet above sea level, the sculpture can be freely explored by visitors who can walk the various winding paths. Take the time to read the excellent information panels and check out the compass h