JORVIK Viking Centre

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    JORVIK Viking Centre

    JORVIK Viking Centre takes visitors back in time to discover the Return of the Vikings to York. At JORVIK Viking Centre you are standing on the site of one of the most famous and astounding discoveries of modern archaeology. Jórvík is the Old Norse name for the city of York. The year is AD960 and the last Viking King in Jorvik, Eric Bloodaxe, has been banished. The city is thriving with a flourishing manufacturing centre and wide trading links. There are new buildings, new people and new stories to be told. Hop aboard JORVIK’s ride experience and be transported back in time over 1,000 years. At JORVIK Viking Centre you will discover the impact of international trade on Viking-Age York. This includes the evolution of a multicultural society in the city, as it’s not just trade goods that flowed into Jorvik but people from across the globe.

    Following the major flooding at the end of 2015, JORVIK Viking Centre has undergone a full refurbishment with 22 new animatronics added to the attraction. The centre’s gallery experiences have also been completely updated. New display cases have been installed, allowing you to get up close to the astounding Viking artefacts that inspired the creation of JORVIK. You will have the chance to dig deeper into the Viking story of York using the latest in cutting-edge technology located throughout the centre.


    History of JORVIK Viking Centre

    Cravens chocolate factory originally stood on the site where JORVIK Viking Centre is now located, within the Coppergate Shopping Centre. Founded in 1803, Cravens relocated from their factory in Coppergate in central York in 1966. After the factory was demolished, between 1976 and 1981, and prior to the building of the Coppergate Shopping Centre, the York Archaeological Trust conducted extensive excavations in the area. They revealed the houses, workshops and backyards of the Viking-Age city of Jorvik as it stood nearly 1,000 years ago. Well-preserved remains of some of the timber buildings of the Viking city of Jorvík were discovered, along with workshops, fences, animal pens, privies, pits and wells. Other discoveries included durable materials and artefacts of the time, such as pottery, metalwork and bones. Unusually, wood, leather, textiles, and plant and animal remains from the period around 900 AD, were also discovered, preserved by the oxygen-deprived wet clay. In all, over 40,000 objects were recovered.

    Coppergate Shopping Centre (an open-air pedestrian shopping centre) now occupies the site. JORVIK Viking Centre is situated below the shopping centre. The York Archaeological Trust recreated the excavated part of Jorvik on the site. The attraction features a ride, with animatronic figures, realistic sounds and smells, as well as pigsties, fish market and latrines. The attraction brings the Viking city to life.


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