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    Based in Pembrokeshire South Wales, Oakwood Theme Park is home to Megafobia one of the top-rated wooden roller coasters in the world. The park features a wide range of attractions suitable for all the family.


    Thrill Rides at Oakwood Theme Park

    The high adrenaline rides at Oakwood Theme Park offer great thrills for those brave enough to ride them. Travelling along 2000 feet of track and reaching a speed of 59 miles per hour is Speed. Riders will have a great time as the ride twists, turns and loops its way around the track. When Speed opened in 2006, it was the first Euro-Fighter roller coaster in the UK.

    Megafobia was built over 20 years ago, but it is still rated as one of the top-rated wooden roller coasters in the world. Reaching speeds of 55mph, the ride is a fast turning, heart tumbling, wild wooden roller coaster. Megafobia is a real bone shaker and a highly recommended world-class woodie.



    Family Friendly Attractions


    Boating Lake

    Enjoy some great views of Megafobia as you ride the pedaloes with up to four friends.


    Circus Land

    Circus land is an area dedicated to children under the age of 8. Attractions include Clown Coaster, Kids Train, and Kids Carousel.


    Moon Landing

    Take the plunge on this indoor giant near vertical slide.


    Spooky 3D

    Take your seat on the ghost train, put your ghoulish 3D glasses on and keep your eyes wide open. You’re about to encounter some grabbing, grasping, frightening sights as you travel through the haunted house.

    Additional Family Attractions include Mini-Golf and a Pirate Ship.



    Oakwood Theme Park’s £4 million Peter Pan themed Neverland section of the park features 10 rides and attractions. It is themed around the world famous story by author J M Barrie, who gifted Great Ormond Street Hospital all rights to Peter Pan back in 1929.



    Themed around Croydon Aerodrome, London’s biggest airport at the time of the Peter Pan story. Guests are able to choose to fly in a plane decorated in the livery of either Great Britain, France, Spain, Wales, England, Scotland or Ireland.


    Journey to Neverland

    Enter 14 Kensington Gardens for an interactive walkthrough where you will follow Peter Pan’s shadow around the Darlings bedroom as Tink flies around exploring.


    Jolly Roger

    The Jolly Roger is a small pirate ship ideal for younger riders.


    Crocodile Coaster

    Enjoy a few laps around the track on this unique family roller coaster. The Crocodile Coaster is perfect for both young thrill seekers and first-time coaster riders.


    Skull Rock

    Skull Rock is a log flume ride with a 40-foot freefall drop. Hold tight as you pass through the eye of Skull Rock. Brave adventurers take the plunge into Hook’s secret fortress.


    Tink’s Flying school

    Two-seater planes are suspended from arms attached to a central post. When the ride is motion, the arms rotate and the planes move outwards. This is a fun interactive ride where riders can control the direction of the plane by moving a rudder left and right. Tink’s Flying school is the only ride of this type found outside of America.


    Additional Neverland Attractions

    Additional attractions in the Neverland section of the park include Hook’s House of Havoc, Neverland Chase, London Taxi Ride and Lost Boys Adventure.


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