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    Ocean Beach Pleasure Park

    Ocean Beach Pleasure Park is not a true theme park, more of a static fairground. They offer a good selection of rides and attractions, suitable for all ages which are reasonably priced. Located on the seafront in South Shields, Ocean Beach Pleasure Park is the North East’s Biggest free admission Fun Park. Ocean Beach Pleasure Park is very popular with both visitors and locals alike.

    Ocean Beach Pleasure Park offers over 40 Rides and Attractions, some of which I have listed below.



    History of the Amusement Park

    Ocean Beach Pleasure Park offers something for all the family. Located on the sea front in South Shields next to the park is Dune’s with ten pin bowling and a huge soft play area.

    The fair (known as Ocean Beach Pleasure Park) began to take a permanent format in 1899. It was at this time when the travelling fairground rides that came to the town during the summer months were legally allowed to offer rides at any time. Previously they would have waited until the morning market stalls closed for the day. The first permanent rides were built in the 1920s. One of the first being the Aerial Flight.

    The Helter Skelter is another long-standing ride which was joined by traditional stalls to create the fair in the early twentieth-century. In more recent times electric powered rides have replaced the traditional mechanical rides. Attractions were installed which we are familiar with today, such as the Waltzer, the Twister, and the Rollercoaster.



    There are a selection of thrill rides at the park, some of which include Bounce Ride, Superbowl, Wave Swinger and a Roller Coaster. For younger guests there are a couple of Roller coasters, Runaway Train and Big Apple Express. Some of the other attractions suitable for younger children include Formula 3000, Teacups and Flying Planes.


    Urban Wave

    One of the unique rides at Ocean Beach Pleasure Park is Urban Wave. The Urban Wave can simulate popular boarding activities such as surfing, wake-boarding, body-boarding and snow-boarding without getting wet!

    A full rotating platform of soft brushes give the rider the ability to carve a wide range of tricks. It is the only surf simulator of its type in the UK. Shaped like a wave, the rotating surface is 6 meters wide and 9 meters long, this gives riders plenty of room to ride and do tricks. Ideal for beginners the sense of gliding gives an authentic feel for sports such as surfing. Experts can practice turns, tricks and new moves. With specially produced surfboards you can surf standing up, on your knees or lying down.

    The Urban Wave builds core strength and fitness, whilst improving balance and co-ordination. Up to two people can use Urban Wave at the same time. Following a brief instruction session jump on and ride. If surfing in a group at the end of your session a medal will be awarded to the “Best Surfer” who can stand up the longest and perform the best tricks and turns.


    Marine Park

    Across the road from Ocean Beach is Marine Park which is also worth a visit with children. In the park there is a lovely playground, miniature train ride and pedalos on the lake.


    Food and Drink

    Whatever your tastes, You can get a great variety of food at Ocean Beach Pleasure Park. The selection includes the traditional fish & chips, burgers and hot dogs. Fairground favourites such as candy floss, sugar dummies and a range of confectionery are also available. After having all that fun you’re bound to have worked up an appetite and a thirst, so where better to eat or have a drink than one of the Parks Food Outlets.


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    Ocean Beach Pleasure Park was last modified: April 19th, 2017 by Dan

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    Ocean Beach Pleasure Park was last modified: April 19th, 2017 by Dan