Paultons Park

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    Paultons Park

    Paultons Park is home to the UK exclusive Peppa Pig World and the excellent prehistoric themed land, The Lost Kingdon. Paultons Park is not limited to Peppa Pig and dinosaurs, offering over 70 rides and attractions and covering 140 acres.

    Located in the village of Ower, near Romsey, Paultons Park is home to Peppa Pig World based on the children’s television series character. The theme park recently added a new section to the park called the Lost Kingdom, this includes 27 animatronic dinosaurs, a number of themed rides and two family-friendly roller coasters.



    History of Paultons Park

    In 1979, John and Anne Mancey (Parents of the current Director, Richard Mancey) bought the derelict 500-acre Paultons Estate. They restored the gardens and lake to their former glory and four years later, on the 17 May 1983 Paultons Park opened as a country park and bird garden.

    The original park covered 140 acres, with four staff members. The attractions included an adventure playground, numerous birds and animals and the Village Life Museum, located in a converted barn.


    Additional Rides and Attractions

    The attractions were expanded three years after the launch, with the construction of the Rio Grande Railway, Station and Tea Rooms. Additional new attractions included The Magic Forest, Kids Kingdom and Captain Blood’s Cavern. 1988 saw the addition of the Land of the Dinosaurs, the Rabbit Ride and the Trampolines. The Astroglide and Crazy Snooker were added in 1999. The Bumper Boats, Pets corner and maze were added in 1991 and the Flying Saucer ride installed in 1992.


    First Major Ride

    The park’s first major ride, the Runaway Train roller coaster was installed in 1993 along with the mirror maze. In 1995 visitors to Paulton Park broke the 400,000 mark when the Sky Diver was added. In 1996, the Tiny Tots playground was constructed along with a walkthrough tableaux entitled The Wonderful World of Wind in the Willows. The year also saw the introduction of Santa’s Wonderland, an event which has continued to run every festive season to this day.

    The Tea Cup Ride became another popular addition to the park in 1997 and the following year the Percy’s Playhouse play area and the Go-Karts were constructed, with the latter providing an attraction for older children.


    Raging River Ride

    In 1999 the park began expanding, with the addition of the half a million pound Raging River Ride. For the new millennium, the Runaway Train ride was dismantled and replaced with the Stinger roller coaster.

    2001 saw three new rides added to the park, The Pirate Ship, Viking Boats and the Dragon Ride. In recent years, the park put more emphasis on attracting older audiences. To compensate for this, two rides were built in 2002 solely for children under seven, The Digger Ride and Seal Falls. 2003 saw the addition of the excellent Wave Runner and the Flying Frog.


    Paultons Park - Wave Runner
    Paultons Park – Wave Runner

    Two drop rides were installed in 2004, Jumping Jack for younger audiences and the taller Jumping Bean for older visitors. Also in 2004 the Bumper Boats were removed and replaced with a penguin enclosure on the same site. The Kontiki ride was built in 2005 along with the Magic Carpet.


    £2million Custom Rollercoaster

    In 2006, the park added the £2m custom made Cobra Rollercoaster. The new roller coaster was built on land previously unused by the park but this led to difficulties for the park due to the land status and legal rights. The Trekking Tractors ride was added in 2007 along with Gold Rush Falls.


    Paultons Park 25th Anniversary

    The entrance plaza was remodelled and The Sky Swinger was added when Paultons Park celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2008. As part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations, a Kugel ball was added. It is the largest in the UK, at 1.5 metres diameter and weighing 6.5 tonnes. For those of you who have never seen or heard of a Kugel ball, it is a large granite sphere sitting in a spherical pocket on a pedestal supported by a thin film of water. Pressurised water flows beneath the sphere raising it slightly out of the spherical pocket. As this thin film of water suspends and lubricates the ball, it can be spun by hand.


    Paultons Park Rebrand

    Paultons Park undertook a major rebranding project in 2009 with a new logo launched. The park’s expansion also continued with the addition of The Edge ride, located next to the Cobra. Following the installation of Edge the park was told they may have to move both the Cobra and Edge after an application to grant them retrospective planning permission was narrowly turned down by the national park planning committee by seven votes to five. The area where these rides are situated is designated ‘Country Park’ and not ‘Amusement Park’ in planning terms. All other areas of the park are recognised as an amusement park and therefore have permitted development rights. After a separate application for the Cobra roller coaster ride was made, it was announced on 22 December 2009 that the Cobra had now been granted retrospective permission and could remain in its current location.

    Another planning application was lodged with the New Forest National Park Planning Authority to retain the Edge ride. This application received public support and Paultons were granted permission by the New Forest National Park Planning Authority to retain the Edge ride in its current location on 16 March 2010.


    Major new Addition

    In 2010 and 2011 all efforts were put into opening the world’s first Peppa Pig World. On opening, Peppa Pig World featured three large rides and several smaller rides and attractions all contained within a themed area. The area also includes the largest Peppa Pig toy shop in the world selling Peppa Pig themed merchandise. This new development was heavily promoted through the Internet, television and radio adverts. Peppa Pig World opened on 6 April 2011 and visitor numbers to the park increased from 500,000 per year to 1 million.


    Paultons Park - Peppa Pig World Sign
    Paultons Park – Peppa Pig World Sign

    In 2012 the park opened a new drop and twist 25-metre tall tower ride called Magma. The ride launches out of a volcano themed mountain with an animatronic dinosaur hidden inside. Smoke and rumbling sound effects occur as the ride rises up the tower out of the volcano.

    In 2013 the park opened a 4D cinema which replaced the Village Life Museum as part of a 1950 New Orleans-themed area called Show Street.


    New Gateway Building

    The park demolished its old entrance to make way for a new gateway building in 2014. This consisted of the Big Toy Shop and Wildwoods restaurant. New Admissions and Guest Information kiosks were also built as part of the development. The park also added a Victorian Double Decker Carousel.


    Paultons Park - The Victorian Carosel
    Paultons Park – The Victorian Carosel

    In 2015, the park began a rebranding of various areas of the park. The area surrounding the Stinger and Wind in the Willows attractions were renamed Critter Creek and themed around the discovery of a number of whimsical animals and plants by Professor Stanley Blast. The Stinger roller coaster was renamed Cat-O-Pillar to reflect its new half-cat-half-caterpillar theme, and Wind in the Willows was replaced by Beastie Burrow, a live insect and amphibian exhibit. A new miniature train ride called Professor Blast’s Expedition express was also installed. A four-acre area encompassing the Rabbit Ride, Astroglide, Land of the Dinosaurs and Kiddies Play Village was also cleared in order to begin development of the Lost Kingdom, a dinosaur themed land due for completion in spring 2016.

    On 17th May 2016, the park opened The Lost Kingdom, a dinosaur themed land primarily aimed at children aged 6-12. The land cost £9 million to build and is home to 8 new rides and attractions.


    Paultons Park - Lost Kingdom Sign
    Paultons Park – Lost Kingdom Sign


    Peppa Pig World

    The excellent themed Peppa Pig World is like visiting Peppa Pig’s very own theme park. The Peppa Pig World section of Paultons Park currently offers 7 fun rides and attractions. In addition to the rides, there is also an indoor play zone, muddy puddles water splash Park and more.

    Peppa Pig World is a must for all Peppa Pig fans, the line-up of rides includes.

    * Windy Castle Ride
    * George’s Dinosaur Adventure
    * Daddy Pig’s Car Ride
    * Grandpa Pig’s Little Train
    * Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip
    * Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride
    * Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight

    In addition to the fantastic rides in Peppa Pig World, guests can also see a whole variety of features from the Peppa Pig Cartoons including.

    * Grandad Dogs Garage
    * Grandpa Pigs House
    * Campervan
    * Paddling Ducks
    * The Library

    Peppa Pig World also features Mr Potato’s Playground and Muddy Puddles Splash Play Zone.

    Guests at Paultons Park can go inside Peppa Pig’s House and School. If the weather lets you down, then there is George’s Spaceship Indoor Playzone. This is indoor fun, perfect for all the family whatever the weather with slides, climbing, ball play and more.


    Peppa Pig World - Mr Potatos Playground
    Peppa Pig World – Mr Potatos Playground


    Worlds Largest Toy Shop

    Peppa Pig World is home to the largest Peppa Pig shop in the world. Peppa’s Toy Shop has everything Peppa Pig related so you will be sure to find the perfect souvenir of your visit. Why not Play Peppa Pig’s video games on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS consoles. Watch Peppa Pig’s TV episodes on the big screen and pay for your Peppa Pig goodies at Grandpa Pig’s Boat counter.

    Click here to find out more about Peppa Pig World
    Peppa Pig World Official Website
    Peppa Pig World Map


    Lost Kingdom

    Costing £9 million, The Lost Kingdom is home to a whole host of Dinosaur attractions including two world class rollercoasters. This section of the theme park also home to life-like animatronic Dinosaurs and Jurassic themed family rides. Theres a fantastic prehistoric Dinosaur adventure play park and some amazing opportunities to come face to face with a number of animatronic Dinosaurs.

    Recently opened in 2016, The Lost Kingdom is a dinosaur themed land offering the following rides and attractions.

    * ‘Flight of Pterosaur’ suspended roller coaster suitable for all of the family
    * ‘Velociraptor’ boomerang roller coaster suitable for all of the family
    * ‘Temple Heights’ magic carpet ride
    * ‘Dino Chase’ junior roller coaster
    * ‘Boulder Dash’ spinning ride
    * ‘The Dinosaur Tour Co’ children’s car ride
    * ‘Alive’ dinosaur meet and greet
    * ‘Little Explorers’ children’s playground


    Lost Kingdom - Paultons Park
    Lost Kingdom – Paultons Park


    Top 10 Rides at Paultons Park


    1 – Wave Runner

    Wave Runner is like a giant Astroglide with the added fun of water. Riders sit in rubber dinghies which quickly descend down the slide in the fast flowing water. This water coaster is an exhilarating experience suitable for all the family.


    2 – Flight of Pterosaur

    Located in the new Lost Kingdom section of the theme park is Flight of Pterosaur. This Vekoma suspended dinosaur themed roller coaster is a unique design. Riders soar high above the watching crowds below, reaching speeds up to 55kph. Flight of Pterosaur is great fun for family adventurers swooping high and low all around the prehistoric landscape of the Lost Kingdom. This roller coaster is suitable for all the family with children able to ride as long as they are over 1 metre tall and at least 4 years old.


    Paultons Park - Flight of Pterosaur
    Paultons Park – Flight of Pterosaur


    3 – Magma

    Magma is a Volcano themed drop and twist ride. The ride is launched from a silently smoking volcano. Brave guests enter the caverns of molten rock and discover the Jurassic secret entombed below. Magma lifts riders 25 metres up the tower offering great views across the park. As the ride descends back down the tower it spins and drops giving everyone on board a real fun ride experience before dropping back into the fiery heart of the mountain below.


    4 – Velociraptor

    Located alongside Flight of Pterosaur in the Lost Kingdom is Velociraptor. This Vekoma ride is a boomerang roller coaster which is suitable for all of the family. Similar in style to Ben 10 at Drayton Manor. On launch, the roller coaster train exits the station backwards climbing a steep hill. Once the train reaches the top of the hill gravity takes over and the train races back through the station and around the track. At the far end of the track, the roller coaster train climbs another hill, before repeating the whole process backwards.


    5 – Raging River Ride

    Opened in 1999 at a cost of half a million pounds, The Raging River Ride is a thrilling log flume with two mighty drops. The highest drop is 11 metres tall, you hit the water below at approximately 60kph. The G-force experienced by riders is 1.5g which leads to a huge splash. Raging River Ride is the ideal ride for hot summer days. Beware you will get wet on this ride..!!

    Be Prepared – Click Here to buy waterproof ponchos from eBay before your visit

    Protect your Mobile – Click Here to view Waterproof Phone Covers


    6 – The Edge

    The Edge is a Mega Disk’O Coaster. Riders sit on a giant disc which swoops and spin through the air reaching a height of 15 metres. The ride travels along a 90 metre track, reaching a speed of 43mph. Edge was the first in the UK to feature a ‘camelback’ hill to create an amazing floating sensation! The same ride has since been installed at other UK themeparks for example Kobra at Chessington World of Adventures. The ride was initally installed without the appropriate planning permission and it took Paultons Park two attempts to save one of its biggest rides.

    Click Here to find out more.
    Application to retain The Edge.


    7 – The Cobra

    The Cobra is Paulton Parks largest, longest and fastest rollercoaster. The Cobra is the only coaster of its type in the UK and features a crazy mix of thrilling drops, exhilarating spirals, amazing turns and breath-taking ‘camel humps’. Like Edge listed above, The Cobra was also built without the appropriate planning permission. Thankfully both rides have been granted retrospective planning permission and can remain in their current locations.


    8 – The Jumping Bean

    Standing at an impressive 12 metres high, the Jumping Bean is a thrilling vertical drop ride which rises steadily and then plummets riders back down to earth when they least expect it. But that’s not all, you are then bounced straight back up to be dropped again several times over. If your children are too small to ride then they can enjoy Jumping Jack, a smaller version of the Jumping Bean located directly alongside its bigger brother.


    9 – Water Kingdom

    Perfect for hot sunny days is Water Kingdom, a Water splash play park with water jets, large tipping buckets, fountains and super soakers.


    10 – Cat-O-Pillar Coaster

    Formerly known as Stinger, the Cat-O-Pillar Coaster is a Zierer Junior roller coaster. Reaching speeds of 20mph, the Cat-O-Pillar Coaster is a lovely little family friendly roller coaster. It offers a lovely smooth ride, suitable for both young and old.


    Travelling to Paultons Park

    Paultons Park – Home of Peppa Pig World is a family theme park located in the New Forest, Hampshire. The Theme Park offers free parking for guests arriving by car. There are a number of ways you can get to the attraction. There is also lots of accommodation available nearby. Paultons is easy to reach being just off exit 2 of the M27, close to the edge of the New Forest National Park. Follow the brown tourist signs on the motorway.

    West bound traffic – when leaving the M3 to join M27 please bear left to take M27 West towards Bournemouth and Southampton. Do not follow signs to M27 E (Portsmouth).


    Travelling by Train

    The nearest mainline train stations are:

    Southampton Airport Parkway – 10 miles away with a 15 minute taxi drive to the Park.
    Southampton Central – 8 miles away with a 10-15 minute taxi drive to the Park.
    Southampton Central station is situated across the road from the city bus terminals thus providing a link to the Park.

    For information on train times and tickets please visit Train Genius.


    Nearby Accomodation

    Located on the edge of the beautiful New Forest National Park, Paultons Park Home of Peppa Pig World is well sign posted and easy to find. There are lots of places to stay in and around the New Forest, if you only plan on visiting the park for one day and would like to explore some of the other attractions in the area then take a look at the self-catering cottages near Paultons Park availble from Snaptrip.


    Website Links

    Click here to view Paultons Park Map
    Official Park Map


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  • Paultons Park, Ower, Romsey SO51 6AL

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    Paultons Park was last modified: September 26th, 2018 by Dan

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