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    Yorkshire Wildlife Park

    The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a unique wildlife park located just outside Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The wildlife attraction brings families in touch with some of the world’s most beautiful – and at risk – species. For a more in-depth experience at the Park, visitors can book a VIP Tour with a Ranger or Shadow a Ranger. Budding zoologists can also enjoy a taste of working at Yorkshire Wildlife Park with the Junior Ranger Experience.

    With nearly 400 animals and 70 different species of animal, Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a fantastic place to experience a truly breathtaking walkthrough wildlife adventure. Most of the animals at the park are either endangered or threatened, Yorkshire Wildlife Park work closely with charities to help the conservation of endangered species in the wild and captivity.



    Yorkshire Wildlife Park History

    Commonly referred to as YWP, Yorkshire Wildlife Park was built on the 260-acre site formerly occupied by Brockholes Farm Visitor Centre, which closed to the public in November 2008. Currently occupying approximately 100 acres of the site, the zoo prides itself on being ‘The UK’s Number 1 Walkthrough Wildlife Adventure’

    The site was renovated over the 2008–2009 winter, and officially opened by Justin Fletcher, MBE (also known as Mr Tumble from CBeebies) on 4 April 2009.


    Lion Country

    The park rescued 13 lions from a Romanian zoo in February 2010 and after their quarantine period, released them into the newly built 10-acre Lion Country enclosure. Opened in May 2010, Lion Country houses a pride of thirteen African lions, all of which came from Oradea Zoological Garden in Romania. The lions were kept in poor living conditions and small enclosures at the Romanian zoo, which could not adequately care for them. At the time, Lion Rescue was the largest big cat rescue in Europe. As part of the lions transportation from Romania to the UK, the pilot began his descent over Amsterdam as he approached Doncaster airport in order to mitigate the effect of the pressure on the lions’ ears! The world’s media was watching and the lions became world famous overnight. They now live happily, roaming their nine acre reserve at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.


    Into Africa

    Into Africa is an immersive reserve with amazing views of some amazing African animals. First opened in Summer 2016 the landscaped reserve is home to Ostrich, antelope, Giraffe and endangered Grevy’s Zebra. With the The animals roaming together, Into Africa is the closest to a view over the Savannah that you will find outside Africa.


    Land of the Tiger

    Built in 2011, Land of the Tiger is home to endangered Amur tigers and their cubs. Featuring two pools, a waterfall and a 150-metre walkway for visitors, Land of the Tiger is one of the largest tiger exhibits in Europe. Land of the Tiger immerses you into the world of the Amur Tiger!

    An endangered species, it is thought that there are less than 500 Amur tigers left in the wild, however, their numbers have been much lower. Hunting had pushed these animals to the brink of extinction in the 1940’s, with only 40 remaining in the wild.


    Leopard Heights

    Leopard Heights at Yorkshire Wildlife Park is the largest Amur leopard facility in Europe. The enclosure is 6000 square metres in size, featuring climbing frames up to ten metres tall and cost £300,000 to build. It houses four Amur leopards, two adults and their two cubs born in June 2015.



    Yorkshire Wildlife Park is home to eleven Bactrian camels, in the wild, camels will live in herds of 6–22 individuals.


    South America Viva

    South America Viva is a walk-through enclosure displaying several South American species. South America is a land of contrasts, full of colourful, vibrant biodiversity. Get up close and personal with wildlife that you may have never heard of including Patagonian mara, common squirrel monkeys, Azara’s agouti, common rhea and capybara. There are also separate enclosures housing six-banded armadillo, giant anteaters, South American coati, common marmosets and giant otters, which are situated near a South America-themed restaurant called “iCaramba!”.


    Project Polar Reserve

    Opened in August 2014, Project Polar Reserve houses four male polar bears, these are the only polar bears in an English zoo. The Polar Bears enclosure is ten acres in size and features two pools, the largest of which is eight metres deep and contains 25.5 million gallons of water.

    Project Polar is an innovative habitat for polar bears and a dynamic programme for their conservation and welfare. It is also a centre for research to help bears in the wild and in other zoos around the world.

    Working in association with Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation (YWPF) and Polar Bears International (PBI), Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s Project Polar is Yorkshire Wildlife Park and Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation’s flagship project. It combines all three key objectives, conservation, welfare and education working towards saving and improving the welfare of one of the most iconic species – the polar bear.


    Wallaby Walkabout

    In the innovative Wallaby Walkabout reserve, experience wallabies like never before. Walk amongst the wallabies and get close enough to touch them.

    Belonging to a family of animals called Macropods, which literally means “big foot”, wallabies are native to Australia and Tasmania. The most noticeable thing about marsupials like wallabies is the females unique pouch, used to nurse their young. A joey will stay in its mum’s pouch, drinking her milk, until they are about six months of age. After six months of age they will come out of the pouch to hop around, but will continue to return to mum’s pouch until they can no longer fit!


    Meerkat & Mongoose Manor

    Home to cheeky meerkats and mongoose, the manor has been purposefully built to replicate the harsh South African desert landscape the meerkats and mongoose are used to, with heated outdoor rocks, deep sand to dig, burrows and termite mounds. Come and see these fabulous characters dig and play in their unique reserve.


    Lemur Woods

    Lemur Woods is a walk-through enclosure housing groups of ring-tailed and black-and-white ruffed lemurs. Wander through the Madagascan world of the lemurs in a walkthrough experience that will have you gasping with joy as lemurs leap from the tree tops. Lemur Woods is an acre in size with over 20 trees.


    Baboon Reserve

    Opened in Easter 2013 the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Baboon Reserve houses a troop of Guinea baboons which came from Edinburgh Zoo. The old world monkeys who originate from West Africa are extremely intelligent and curious, they love to play and often solve quite complex problems in the wild.

    One of the most intelligent species of animals at the park, the baboons utilise complex vocal and visual displays to communicate the feelings and dominance. Dominant males will yawn to show their teeth, displaying their dominance.


    Painted Dogs

    The Yorkshire Wildlife Park Painted Dog reserve has been created to mirror their environment in the wild. Painted Dogs are found in Savannah grasslands and woodlands and love playing in waterholes. The reserve has a variety of habitats for them to explore and although they have a house to sleep in they are allowed to dig their own dens and have caves to shelter in.

    Painted Dogs live in a pack led by a lead (alpha) female and male. Although there is a hierarchy, there is only a bit of aggression between the pack members.


    Giant Otter

    The Giant Otter reserve is home to two female Giant Otters who arrived at Yorkshire Wildlife Park on the 30th September 2015. Native to South America the Giant Otter is the longest member of the Mustelidae (weasel) family, growing up to a rather giant length of 5.6ft. Like many other mustelids, Giant Otters are a very social species often supporting three to eight members in typical family groups.


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