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Alpamare Waterpark Scarborough Waterslides

It was our eldest son’s 7th birthday so for his birthday treat we decided to take him to the new Alpamare Waterpark in Scarborough. This also meant that we could take advantage of the current offer giving free entry on your birthday. We decided that in order to make the most of the four-hour time restriction we would arrive after lunch. Having heard mixed reviews we were a little unsure what to expect but we needn’t have been concerned as we were pleasantly surprised. It was a cold miserable day so an indoor waterpark was an ideal choice.


Alpamare Waterpark Scarborough

Alpamare Waterpark Scarborough only opened last summer so everything was brand new. The building is spacious and modern. On arrival, we were pleased to discover that the parking charges have been dropped. We were also surprised to learn that the 4 hour time restriction has also now been dropped (although to be honest 4 hours is probably enough time for most families to spend at a waterpark). On entrance to the water park, you are each handed a Radio frequency identification tag to wear on your wrist, which also acts as your locker key. There were plenty of changing cubicles in a mixed changing area making things easy for families. Both the air and water temperature inside the water park were perfect, making for a very comfortable environment.


Alpamare Waterpark Scarborough
Alpamare Waterpark Scarborough


Childrens Splash Zone

Directly outside the changing rooms are the cafe and the children’s splash zone. All the children in our party headed straight for the splash zone which also had a large tipping water bucket. The splash zone had lots of interactive elements to turn the water features on and off. Even the adults in our party enjoyed this section of the waterpark. It wasn’t long before the waves started in the main pool which is located directly alongside the splash zone. We found that the waves at Alpamare are pretty strong and it was easier to maintain your balance beyond the point where the waves were breaking. The younger children in our party were too young for the slides so we took turns with my sister and brother in law to watch them whilst the rest of us rode them.


Alpamare Waterpark Scarborough Splash Zone
Alpamare Waterpark Scarborough Splash Zone


The Water Slides

There are currently four water slides in operation at Aplamere and luckily we had gone on a quiet day so it was a just case of retrieving the relevant flotation device, climbing the stairs and getting on the slide. There are age restrictions on the slides and it was clear why when we rode them. The slides at Alpamare are both long and fast, no doubt some of the best we have experienced in the UK.

The slides are named after ski runs but we found this a little confusing. Basically, on The Olympic run slide you sit in a two-person ring, this ride is very fast and great fun. You ride Cresta run on a mat, this was also a great slide, but we were all in agreement that this was the poorest of the four. Black run is a dark slide (similar to a black hole) where you lay on your back in the water and travel down in complete darkness apart from the odd slither of light. The adults enjoyed this slide, but the children weren’t so sure.

We were all in agreement that the Snow Storm was by far the best slide. On this slide, you ride in a large ring shaped like a four-leaf clover. Everyone faces inward so it’s a really good laugh as you watch each member of your party getting splashed and soaked.

The only negative we found with all of the slides is that you have to carry your ring or mat up the stairs with you. This was fine for the slides where you only required a mat or double ring but the four-leaf clovers were very big and cumbersome to carry up the stairs. Each slide uses the same staircase so there are regular hold-ups on the stairs due to people struggling to carry the large rafts.


Alpamare Waterpark Scarborough Waterslides
Alpamare Waterpark Scarborough Waterslides


Outdoor Pools

Whilst half of our party were enjoying the water slides the other half were relaxing in the outdoor infinity pools. Despite the outside air temperature only being a couple of degrees on the day we visited, the outdoor pools were lovely and warm (heated to 35 degrees). The pools feature bubble recliners and whirlpool baths, with seating areas around the edge of the pool. Occasionally bubbles would start in the centre of the pool, the children thought these were great fun because the current from them was very strong, pushing everyone back to the sides of the pool. One of the pools is filled with healing iodine water although to be perfectly honest, we couldn’t tell the difference. Whilst relaxing in the outdoor pools you can look out at the boats sailing by in the North Sea.


Alpamare Scarborough Outdoor Infinity Pool
Alpamare Scarborough Outdoor Infinity Pool


Food and Drink

Alpamare Scarborough has an alpine-themed restaurant where you can dine in your swimwear. The restaurant offers fresh and healthy meal and snack choices as well as typical alpine and British favourites such as pizza and pasta. There is plenty of Bavarian-inspired food and drink, such as spicy sausages and beer. The licensed restaurant is free-flow and family-friendly. A bar is also available inside the Waterpark, but having already eaten lunch, we tried neither the cafe or the bar on our visit.



Summary Alpamare Waterpark

We all had a fantastic day out and we felt that the prices were about right for what is currently on offer. I wouldn’t like to visit in peak season on a crowded day but the waterpark was very quiet on the day we visited with no queuing at all. We got to ride each of the slides a number of times and there was plenty of space for swimming in each of the pools. Alpamare satisfies all parties, if you are into speed and adrenaline activities then you will love the four state-of-the-art water slides. For those who prefer to relax, the outdoor pools would not have been out of place at a luxury spa. Younger children are catered for with the interactive splash zone and everyone can have fun in the wave pool.

I would recommend visiting Alpamare in a group with a minimum of four people, that way you can take advantage of the birthday offer. All that you need to do is go seven days either side of your birthday, show your passport or driving licence and you will get in free so long as three other people pay the regular admission price. Alpamare frequently changes their offers and promotions so it is worth giving them a call or checking the website prior to your visit in order to establish what promotions are running.

We visited Alpamare Waterpark Scarborough on Saturday 21st January 2017



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Travelling to Alpamare Scarborough

If you’re travelling by car, Alpamare Scarborough is easy to find. Arriving via the A171 from the north, the A170 from the west or the A64 or A165 from the south, join the A64 at the south end of the town. From there, Alpamare Scarborough and the North Bay area is clearly signposted. There 300 car parking spaces in the adjacent Pay & Display car park.


Travelling by Train

Scarborough is well connected by train from across the north of England including Huddersfield, Leeds, York, Manchester and Liverpool. Scarborough train station is just a mile away from Alpamare Scarborough, that’s either a 20-minute walk or just 6 minutes in a taxi.

Search for your train tickets using the Raileasy website.


Travelling by Coach

If you would like to travel by coach we recommend that you try National Holidays website. Alternatively, The National Express drops off at York (tel 08717 818181) and from York you can catch the Yorkshire Coastliner, (tel 01653 692 556 or 0113 244 8976).


Nearby Accommodation

There are loads of places to stay in Scarborough, if you are looking for accommodation then try or Travelodge and Britannia Hotels are always a good option for budget hotel accommodation.

If you only planning on visiting the water park for one day and would like to explore some of the other attractions in the area then take a look at the self-catering cottages near Alpamare Scarborough available from Snaptrip.


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  1. Hi, what a fab review, we are hoping to go as a family next week, I didnt even realise they had indoor splash park! Do the slides end inside then or are the slides outside?

    1. Hi Joanne
      Many thanks for the great feedback. The slides all start and end inside the main building. There are also a couple of outdoor pools which are both heated. We visited again earlier this year and again we had a great time, in our opinion the only thing lacking is some mid-sized slides for children under the age of 6. They are currently constructing an onsite Spa which I am sure will be a great addition to the attraction.
      Regards Dan

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