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Flamingo Land Review - Dino-Stone Park

We were looking for a fun day out on Fathers Day and having acquired our Flamingoland 2-4-1 vouchers with free lunch included we decided to visit the North Yorkshire Theme Park. We are regular visitors to Flamingo Land with it being our local theme park. The park has lots of onsite accommodation but living less than an hour away, there was no need for us to stay overnight. The weather was forecast to be very hot so we were expecting the park to be really busy but we were pleasantly surprised.


Flamingo Land 2-4-1 Vouchers

We got up early on Sunday morning and arrived at the park just as it was opening at 10.00am. We parked our car a short distance from the park entrance and headed for the ticket kiosks. There were five people in our party but our youngest son was eligible for free entry with his fourth birthday in a couple of weeks time. Children under four years old get free entry to Flamingo Land, we just needed to present his passport to prove his age. The remainder of our party purchased our entry tickets using our 2-4-1 vouchers meaning all five us got entry to the Theme Park for the price of two regular admissions. It cost us £76 in total and we were also kindly handed 4 free meal vouchers even though we only expected to receive 2.


Flamingo Land Review - Velocity
Flamingo Land Review – Velocity

Velocity at Flamingo Land

On the day we visited Flamingo Land the weather was unbelievable, beautiful sunshine with temperatures reaching 30-degrees. On entering the park we headed straight for Velocity, the UK’s first and only motorbike launch rollercoaster. Velocity is an adrenaline-fuelled ride which simulates the experience of superbike racing. The ride accelerates from 0-60mph in just 2.8 seconds and races around a number of tight corners at a breathtaking pace. Due to our youngest child being too small to ride we took advantage of parent switch meaning that we all got an opportunity to ride without needing to queue multiple times.



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Hero - Flamingo Land Resort
Hero – Flamingo Land Resort

Hero at Flamingo Land

Throughout the day in between the big rides, we took it in turns to take our youngest son on some of the children’s rides located around the park. It is great that the theme park has rides suitable for all the family located close to one another allowing us to all spend the day together.  After Velocity, we rode Hero, a suspended roller coaster which simulates the experience of flying. The ride uses a unique corkscrew system to transport the carriages to the top of the ride. Upon reaching the top of the lift hill, riders then experience swooping turns breathtaking drops and two heart-line inversions. Sadly we found the ride more uncomfortable than we did enjoyable.




Mumbo Jumbo

Following our ride on Hero, we headed for some of Flamingo Lands other major rides, Mumbo Jumbo and Kumali. Whilst making our way to these rides we rode a selection of the smaller children’s rides. Mumbo Jumbo is one of our eldest son’s favourite rides, but it often has long queues. This certainly wasn’t the case on the day we visited with the queues for the rides being unbelievably short. With its 112° vertical drop, Mumbo Jumbo once held the World Record of ‘world’s steepest roller coaster made of steel’. Riders experience over 4g as Mumbo Jumbo performs a high-speed trip packed with twists, turns and 2 full inversions.


Flamingo Land Review - Kumali
Flamingo Land Review – Kumali


One of my personal favourite rides across all UK Theme Parks is Kumali at Flamingo Land. Kumali is a suspended looping roller coaster. With the park being so quiet I got to ride the front seat on Kumali a number of times. The great thing about the front seat on this ride is there is nothing in front of you apart from open space. If you like roller coasters then this is a must-do experience as it is great fun. Reaching a speed of 56 miles per hour, Kumali is a fast, smooth roller coaster ride with a unique custom layout. The ride features four inversions, starting with an 87-foot tall loop, followed by a 55-foot Zero-G roll and the Cobra Roll, which suspends you 75 foot over a lake. Personally, I would describe Kumali as Awesome.


Flip Flop - Flamingo Land Resort
Flip Flop – Flamingo Land Resort

Flip Flop and Pterodactyl

Following Mumbo Jumbo and Kumali, we rode Flip Flop and Pterodactyl. Personally, I found both of these rides to be quite intense but our eldest son (age 7) loved them. Flip Flop is a swinging disc ride where riders face outwards, whilst swinging it also rotates which adds to the intensity. Pterodactyl is a swing ride which raises to a height of 151-feet. I find this ride scary enough on a calm day, I certainly wouldn’t like to ride it on a windy day.




Flamingo Land Rides suitable for all the Family

In order to keep the entire family entertained, in between the extreme rides, we rode a selection of family-friendly rides too. These included Twistosaurus, a dinosaur egg-themed spinning roller coaster. Zooom, which is a child-friendly suspended coaster, recreating the sensation of powered flight. Cyclosoar an interactive ride where you pedal your hang glider in order to go higher.


Flamingo Land Junior Rollercoasters

Both our boys enjoyed the selection of junior roller coasters, with our eldest taking responsibility for his younger brother. In addition to Zooom and Twistosaurus, the park also offers Dino Roller, a reptile themed coaster. This ride has a very low height restriction making it an ideal first-time roller coaster experience. Go Gator is a historic dragon type roller coaster. Kids love this ride, because it travels across the roof of the station, passing the people waiting to ride below. The most impressive of the three junior coasters on offer is the family-friendly Runaway Train although we found that this ride can be a little rough.


Flamingo Land Free Lunch

It was now approaching lunchtime so we headed for Muddy Duck Farm where one of the Jolly Sailor 2 Go fish and chip takeaways is located. On our way, we rode the monster ghost train ride at Mischief Mansion. Free lunch consisted of a small portion of fish and chips. Sides and drinks were available for an additional charge. Thanks to the vouchers lunch worked out at a very reasonable £15 for the five of us.

Flamingo Land Review - Black Rhino
Flamingo Land Review – Black Rhino

Flamingo Land Zoo

Following lunch, we had a walk around the Zoo at Flamingo Land. Having already watched the Sea Lion Show and Bird Show a number of times on previous visits we decided to skip them on this occasion. Whilst in the zoo, we took a ride on the Zoo Monorail which offers an elevated view of the monkeys. We had a wander through the Wallaby Walkway and visited the newly added Black Rhino exhibit. It was great to watch the Rhino cooling off in his large pond. Next, we took the Treetop Walkway across to the Penguin Coast exhibit and watched the Penguins playing in their swimming pool.


Flamingo Land Review - Helitoys
Flamingo Land Review – Helitoys

The Mansion House and Tea Rooms

The Treetop Walkway ended at the recently opened Mansion House and Tea Rooms. We took a seat outside The Mansion House and enjoyed some refreshing drinks whilst the children played on the adjacent playground. The Italian waiter who served us was very friendly and really attentive. It was nice to sit and relax and observe the peacocks wandering around us. The footpath from The Mansion House and Tea Rooms led back into Muddy Duck Farm where we rode The Tractor Ride and Helitoys.


Childrens Planet

The weather was getting hotter so we sat and had ice creams. Following our ice creams, the kids had a good run around the Children’s Planet play area. They really enjoyed this section of the park with towers to climb, rope bridges to cross and a wealth of tunnels and slides. Whilst they were playing we took a look at the snakes and frogs in the Reptile River exhibit.


Accommodation at Flamingo Land Resort

Located adjacent to the Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo is the Holiday Village. The private, self-contained Holiday Village provides a wide range of accommodation.

Click Here to view Flamingoland Accommodation
Please ensure that you read the product description before committing to a purchase as some advertisers only quote the deposit and not the total price!


Flamingo Land Splash Play and Water Rides

Flamingo Land has a number of attractions which are ideal for cooling off on a warm day. These include Splash Battle, Splish Splosh and the Lost River Ride.

Splish Splosh

Splish Splosh is a watery world of fun where you can get soaked. Children will love discovering the buttons on the floors and in the trees that create surprising fountain effects. Kids can also climb aboard the pirate galleon to man its water cannons.

Splash Battle

Splash Battle was the UK’s first truly interactive water ride. It offers wild, wet fun for everyone. On this ride, you take charge of a Splash Battle sub. Each guest is armed with a powerful water cannon. You use your cannon to soak other riders and spectators who are also out to soak you.

Lost River Ride

Lost River Ride is a splash boat style water ride. Riders are taken on a sedate journey through Savannah-style grasslands. You can view a variety of animals from the ride, including ostrich, zebra, giraffe, hippotamus and rhinoceros. The ride ends with an 18-meter high plunge into a pool of water. When the boat hits the water it creates a huge splash soaking both the riders and any spectators.

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Flamingo Land Major Rides

It was now nearing closing time and we wanted to ride some of the big rides a final time. We made our way towards Cliff Hanger the bottom of the park. As we headed towards Cliff Hanger we all rode Voodoo, a swinging pirate ship ride. We had a final ride on Kumali and Mumbo Jumbo before finishing our day off with a ride on Cliff Hanger, the UK’s only S&S combo tower vertical drop ride. Cliff Hanger at Flamingo Land is one of the tallest vertical drop rides in Europe. First, it launches you up to the top of the tower and then after a brief pause, it drops you back down to earth.


Flamingo Land Review Summary

We had a fantastic day at Flamingo Land and we will definitely return. You can clearly see that the park has invested a lot of money in recent years.  It has been transformed from a shabby funfair into a clean and modern theme park. The staff we encountered on our trip were all extremely friendly and helpful. The animals in the zoo had plenty of space to move around and looked well cared for with one of the recently added Black Rhino having a great time cooling off in his pond. Flamingo Land has a great selection of rides and attractions suitable for all members of the family. The two for one vouchers helped make it a reasonably priced day out and it also helps that there is free car parking. It was an added bonus that they also gave all the guests in our party free lunch. All of the rides were running on the day we visited and queues were non-existent. I would definitely recommend a visit to Flaming Land as it is a great day out for all the family.

We visited Flamingo Land on Sunday 18th June 2017.


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Travelling to Flamingo Land Resort

Flamingo Land Resort in Yorkshire is situated off the A169 Malton to Pickering Road. The Theme Park offers free parking for guests arriving by car. They have their own on-site Holiday Village and there are a number of ways you can get to the attraction. There is also lots of accommodation available nearby.


Travelling by Train

The nearest railway station is at Malton. You can also get the train to York and catch the Yorkshire Coastliner, (tel 01653 692 556 or 0113 244 8976) from York railway station, which drops off at Flamingo Land. See the Raileasy website for details.


Travelling by Coach

The National Express drops off at York (tel 08717 818181) and from York you can catch the Yorkshire Coastliner, (tel 01653 692 556 or 0113 244 8976).


Nearby Accommodation

There are lots of places to stay in Yorkshire. Flamingoland is surrounded by beautiful Yorkshire countryside and is less than an hour from York.  If you only planning on visiting the park for one day and would like to explore some of the other attractions in the area then take a look at the self-catering cottages near Flamingoland available from Snaptrip.


Buy Tickets

Buy your admission tickets from the Official Flamingo Land Website.

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