Madame Tussauds London Review 5/5 (8)

Madame Tussauds London
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Madame Tussauds London Review

We regularly do trips away as a family to numerous attractions across the UK. This was a rare treat where the children were staying with their grandparents whilst my wife and I had a weekend in London.

We had a business event to attend on the Friday but Saturday was a day to spend at our leisure. We decided it would be nice to see some of the sights, do some shopping and visit a couple of attractions that are aimed more towards adults.



Madame Tussauds London Review

The attractions we selected were Madame Tussauds and The London Dungeon. Having done some research it became quite apparent that the queues to get into Madame Tussauds can be quite long. This is particularly the case if you don’t purchase your tickets in advance. It is also worth noting that pushchairs are not allowed inside the attraction.

As is normally the case I was looking for a way of visiting the attraction at a reasonable price whilst also minimising our wait time. With only the single day in the city, we wanted to make the most of the time available to us. I found that if I purchased our tickets using Tesco Clubcard vouchers we could use our a dedicated entrance for guests with pre purchased vouchers.

On the day of our visit, we got the London Underground from our hotel to the attraction. The nearest Underground station to Madame Tussaud’s is Baker Street. It is a very short walk from the tube station to Madame Tussauds. One of the things we found in London is once you get to the underground station nearest to the attraction you are visiting there are plenty of signs both inside and outside the station giving clear directions.


A busy day at Madame Tussauds London

We arrived at 11.00am and there were large crowds outside the attraction. This was a little intimidating but there were plenty of team members outside the attraction giving directions on where we needed to be. Everyone was been directed to different queues dependant on their preferred payment method, booking status, and various other factors. We observed that some of the queue times were up to 2 1/2 hours but we had chosen to visit on a Saturday during the 6 week school holidays so no doubt one of the busiest days of the year.


Multiple entrances to Madame Tussauds London

Madame Tussauds London - Entrances
Madame Tussauds London – Entrances

There are 7 entrances to the attraction in total each with their own queue. The entrances are located at various points around the building. Thankfully the queue we were directed to for people visiting the attraction using pre-purchased vouchers was relatively short. We waited outside for approximately 30 minutes. Once allowed into the building, paying using our Tesco voucher was a seamless process.

As we headed for the first exhibition it became apparent why pushchairs are not allowed. It was a long climb up a narrow staircase for what must have been at least 4 stories. The first exhibition was all about stars? We weren’t surprised to find the room a little crowded with wax models scattered around the room. This appeared a little disorganised at first as Only selected wax models had dedicated queues. As we made our way through the attraction and people started to grasp the process and the majority of people were polite and waited patiently whilst other people took their photos with the celebrities.


Madame Tussauds London - 10 Downing Street
Madame Tussauds London – 10 Downing Street

Interactive Elements

As you would expect some of the wax models were extremely popular whilst others had very little interest. There were some fun interactive elements thrown in like the voice with its spinning chairs and 10 Downing Street where you could stand at a plinth outside.

Some of the models had dedicated queues for example if you wanted a photo with the Royal Family or Donald Trump. We found the sports section enjoyable with wax renditions of Lewis Hamilton, Tiger Woods, Tom Daley and Jose Mourinho to name a few.


The Spirit of London Ride

An unexpected attraction was the Spirit of London ride. Here you sit in a capsule emulating a black cab which takes you past a number of wax exhibits. The ride was okay and gave a nice break from being on our feet. Following this ride, we walked down to what felt like the depths of the building where the Sherlock Holmes exhibit is located. At the time of our visit, there was an additional charge of £5 per person to do this. With so much to see and do already and only having limited time available, we decided to skip this.


Marvel Superheros 4D

Madame Tussauds London - Spiderman
Madame Tussauds London – Spiderman

One of the final sections of the attraction was Marvel Superheros, no doubt this would appeal to kids as it included a 4D movie. Starring in the movie we’re Spider-Man, Ironman, Captain America and The Hulk. The 4D movie was enjoyable as it depicted a storyline based in London which incorporated the actual Madame Tussaud’s building.

Following the 4D movie, the final exhibitions were Starwars scenes and characters. If you like Starwars then it may also be worth paying the toilets a visit in this section of the attraction as they also include some fun interactive elements.

When we left the attraction at 2.00pm we observed that the queues were much shorter than when we had arrived so early afternoon may possibly be a better time to visit.


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