The London Dungeon Review 5/5 (8)

The Great Fire of London
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It was a rare occasion where my wife and I were spending a weekend in London without our two boys. Due to this, we tried to select a couple of Attractions that we felt may not be suitable for them.

The Attractions we decided to visit were Madame Tussauds and The London Dungeon. We expected The London Dungeon to be really scary but we were pleasantly surprised.


Free Tickets for The London Dungeon

We got our tickets for The London Dungeon through a promotion ran by the Sun Newspaper as part of their Sun Superdays scheme. Booking our visit to the attraction using their website was a very straightforward process.

The London Dungeon was very easy to find, located on The South Bank of the River Thames just a short walk from The London Eye. We got the London Underground to Westminster (near Big Ben and The Houses of Parliment) and then crossed over Westminster Bridge. Alternatively, you can also use Waterloo station which is slightly closer to the attraction.

We arrived at the entrance to the attraction just prior to our 6.00pm booking time. On arrival, we waited in a short queue before being taken to another room where we waited another 15 minutes. This is one of the areas in the attraction that children may find a little scary with door handles turning themselves and simulated knocking and screaming.

At regular intervals, a guide would come and lead small groups off into the attraction. The first stop was for a photograph which you had the opportunity to purchase at the end of the attraction.

The only toilets I saw within the attraction were directly after the photograph so you may want to take this opportunity to use them. The London Dungeon is a 90-minute walk-through experience with odd sections where you get to sit down.



Famous Historical Scenes

The London Dungeon recreates a number of historical scenes relating to the city of London. Each scene was really well done with a narrator who everyone in the group could clearly see and hear. The story lines were excellent and very well portrayed. Mixed in with this we’re interactive elements and audience participation.

Some of our favorite scenes and characters from the attraction included:

The London Dungeon - Guy Fawlkes
The London Dungeon – Guy Fawlkes

* Guy Fawkes attempt to blow up The Houses of Parliment
* The Great Fire of London
* Sweeney Todd
* Jack The Ripper

The enjoyment also increased as you started to pick out some of the characters within your group of guests. This would be a great attraction to visit with a group of friends.


Rides at The London Dungeon

There are two rides within the London Dungeon Attraction. Near the beginning of the attraction, you get to go on The Tyrant Boat Ride. This was a fun ride with a couple of small sections in the dark and some surprise elements. Unfortunately, on the day we visited the second ride ‘Drop Dead’ which is one of the major attractions was not operating. In fairness, it was well advertised that the ride would not be operating both on their website when booking and at the attraction itself.


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