Buzz Bars

Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Blue Flyer - Buzz Bars

Buzz Bars are a type of ride restraint consisting of Single-position lap bars often found on wooden roller coasters. They are sometimes referred to as “buzz bars” due to the buzzing sound that some bars make as they lock or release.


The familiar sound of the Buzz Bars

You may be familiar with the sound of “buzz bars” if you have ever ridden a Pirate Ship as their restraints often make the buzzing sound that gives this piece of ride equipment its name. They are also often found on classic wooden roller coasters. Most theme parks have modernised their rides, removing the buzz bars and replacing them with individual ratcheting lap bars, similar to the lap bars found on steel coasters. Single-position buzz bars often give more airtime on roller coasters, especially for smaller guests as the bar locks in the same position regardless of the size of the rider. Modern ratcheting lap bars adjust to the size of the rider, giving a more secure restraint and they also tend to lock further during the ride in many installations.


What UK rides use Buzz Bars?

Buzz Bars on roller coasters are very rare these days, but they can still be found on the Blue Flyer at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


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