Electric Motor and Spring Tension Launch

Electric Motor and Spring Tension Launch - Revolution Blackpool Pleasure Beach

An Electric motor and spring tension mechanism was used by Arrow Dynamics Launched Loop coasters, which were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. A working example is Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


Electric Motor and Spring Tension Launch Roller Coasters

A powerful electric motor and tensioned springs are used to propel a launch car forward. The launch car pushes the roller coaster train outward from the loading platform where it drops down a hill and through a loop. After exiting the loop the train climbs a hill leading to the opposite platform. When the train reaches the opposite platform, another catch car works the same way, this time pushing the train backwards.

A ride consisting of two elevated platforms separated by a single loop is referred to as a shuttle roller coaster.


Example of an Electric Motor and Spring Tension Launch

The following video demonstrates how the launch car (flat steel platform) pushes the Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach out of the ride station.


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