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Alton Towers - Nemesis Footchopper

The opposite of a headchopper, footchoppers are found on inverted roller coasters. They are purposely designed to give the appearance that the rider’s legs are going to collide with the ride’s support structure, the ground, water, or other items ride surrounding the ride.


Where Can I Experience a Footchopper?

Suspended Looping Coasters (SLC’s) feature an intense foot chopper during an in-line-twist. This occurs when the roller coaster train directly approaches another section of track, giving the appearance that the feet of the rider will impact the track if the train remains on that course. Right before the obstruction, the train undergoes an in-line-twist, turning the riders onto their backs safely passing over the track below.


Infusion at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Infusion at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a Suspended Looping Coasters (SLC) built completely over water. Throughout the ride, the roller coaster train interacts with both the rides supports and the water below. One of the ride’s main features occurs as the roller coaster train appears it may collide with a waterfall. Upon reaching the waterfall the train rises up parallel with the water feature. Riders feet don’t get wet but you may experience some spray.


Nemesis at Alton Towers Resort

One of the most popular roller coasters in the country, Nemesis at Alton Towers Resort features some excellent examples of a footchopper. Riders experience the first one as the roller coaster train exits the corkscrew at the start of the ride and enters into a 370-degree downward helix. This section of the ride brings the right-hand side of the roller coaster train very close to ground level with the fence which encloses the ride acting as a footchopper around the first half of its carousel.

Directly after exiting the downward helix, the roller coaster train heads into a heartline roll ride element.
This is one of the most intense sections of the ride with only seconds between the roller coaster switching from one element to the next. Adding to the excitement during this brief period the riders attention is drawn to the startlingly close proximity of the station structure beneath their feet. Riders sitting on the right-hand side of the train appear to be heading directly for a protruding eyeball whilst those on the left-hand side hurtle directly towards the creature corpus only to have the lightning rotation of the barrel roll save them. This breathtaking near miss is one of the best examples of a footchopper in the UK.

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