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Vertical Launch

Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) roller coasters use electromagnetic waves to propel the roller coaster train. This normally happens on a horizontal section of track parallel to the ground as the roller coaster train leaves the station. Roller Coaster manufacturer Intamin has rotated the track 90°, launching their coaster trains on a vertical lift using the Market’s Strongest LSM Launch!


LSM Launches have gone Vertical!

The train on this type of coaster has metal fins mounted to it in order to facilitate launching. LIM/LSM launch tracks have many (often more than 200) linear motors along the section of the launch track. A magnetic field is created by the LIMs along the track, which attracts the roller coaster train and sends it forward. The next LIM on the launch section of track is magnetized, and the previous one loses its magnetic field. This continually attracts the car forward until it reaches the end of the launch track at full speed.

Rocket Vertical Launch
Rocket Vertical Launch


Ready for Takeoff?

Rides like the Smiler at Alton Towers Resort feature a standard vertical lift. Imagine how more extreme the ride would be if rather than being pulled up the lift by a chain the roller coaster train raced up the lift hill like a rocket leaving a launchpad. The Vertical Launch Coaster achieves this amazing feat using Intamin’s proven LSM launch system.


State of the Art Technology

This state-of-the-art system allows for high-speed vertical launches accelerating at speeds based on the park’s preferences and site requirements. This guarantees an exhilarating sensation, leaving riders breathless and allowing for new creative possibilities in ride layout designs. Not only can parks now gain height quickly in locations where space is tight, but they can also launch guests straight into ride elements!

The innovative anti-rollback system guarantees maximum safety and a smooth evacuation process in case of emergency, bringing the train smoothly and safely back to a stop.


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