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Tayto Park - Cu Chamelian Overbanked Turn

Banked Turns are used on roller coasters to minimise the lateral G-forces on riders helping to make cornering more comfortable. When negotiating a banked turn, the track twists and tips the train to the side in the direction of the turn. To add further thrills and excitement to the ride, an Overbanked Turn may be used. An Overbanked Turn is a turn or curve in which the track tilts beyond 90 degrees, usually in the 100-120 degree range.


The Overbanked Turn

Regular Banked Turns reduce the rider’s sensation of being thrown sideways by tilting the roller coaster train. An Overbanked Turn goes beyond this, tilting the track over 90-degrees making the ride even more thrilling for its riders.


Cu Chamelian at Tayto Park

A great example of an Overbaked Turn can be found on Cu Chamelian at Tayto Park. With this turn tilting riders beyond 90 degrees, there is a lot of debate around whether this ride element counts as an inversion.

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