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Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Avalanche
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Avalanche is located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in North West England. It features a unique steel bobsled design where the roller coaster does not sit on a track. Built by Mack of Germany it is the only roller coaster of this type in the UK.


Avalanche at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Avalanche was officially opened by British ski-jumper Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards and the British bobsleigh team in 1988. The roller coaster train sits on a track, like a regular roller coaster, but upon reaching the top of the lift hill the train is released onto the main downhill section. The roller coaster train is now free to travel down the bobsled style track, picking up speed as it goes. When the train reaches the bottom of the bobsled course it is fed back onto the track and returns to the station.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Avalanche

Top Speed – 80km/h 50mph
Cost – £unknown
Length – 1490ft 454m
Height – unknown
Type – Steel – Bobsled
Inversions – 0
Theme Park – Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Year Opened – 1988

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Bob sled roller coaster

Racing down the ice channel and feeling like a real bobsled champion can come true when you ride the Avalanche roller coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Only gravity determines how high the bobsleds climb in the walls of the extreme turns and twists of this unique family coaster. Seated behind each other, guests travel down the “ice channel” of steel. Drops, helices and fast direction changes create a ride unlike any other. The bobsled roller coaster uses a track design that is essentially a “pipe” with the top half removed and has cars that are sent down this pipe in a freewheeling mode. The name derives from the great similarity to the track design used for the winter sport of bobsleigh.

Avalanche’s roller coaster train does not run on a track and therefore the banked turns are key to helping ensure that the train stays on course, maintaining its momentum right through until the end of the ride.


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