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The Green Dragon is located at Greenwood Family Park in North Wales. Built in early 2004 the Green Dragon utilises people power and is the only rollercoaster of its kind in the world, combining a traditional roller coaster with funicular technology that was developed and used 200 years ago in the slate quarries of North Wales. The Green Dragon roller coasters Welsh name is Y Ddraigg Werdd.


The Green Dragon at Greenwood Family Park

The Green Dragon’s unique status attracts coaster fans from across Europe and beyond. A spokesman for WGH Transportation, who designed and built the ride, said the only limit to this type of ride was the height of the hill passengers were prepared to walk up. Passengers going down in the passenger car use their weight to bring the train to the top, so the ride is very efficient in energy terms. Over a year of operation, the ride should generate more power than it uses.

Greenwood Family Park - Green Dragon - People Powered Roller Coaster

Top Speed – 40km/h 25mph
Cost – £0.5m
Length – 820ft 250m
Height – Unknown
Type – Steel
Inversions – 0
Theme Park – Greenwood Family Park
Year Opened – 2004


The Worlds only People Powered Roller Coaster

The Green Dragon works by using two parallel rail tracks with the funicular car connected to the roller coaster train by a cable. Initially, passengers climb a hill and board the funicular car which then descends, hauling the rollercoaster to the top of the hill. Passengers then walk back up the hill to board the roller coaster itself. The Roller Coaster train makes its way around the track using gravity and when it reaches the end the next set of passengers board the funicular repeating the process.

Stephen Bristow, who is managing director of Greenwood Forest Park, describes it as a “pink knuckle ride”.
“It is for the younger family markets – it won’t make you ill, it doesn’t make you dizzy, but it is certainly fast enough to give you a very exciting ride.”

Since building the Green Dragon roller coaster in 2004 Greenwood Family Park has continued to expand and develop over the years, introducing innovative children’s play whilst always keeping their carbon footprint low.


How the Green Dragon Roller Coaster Works


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