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Infusion - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
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Infusion is located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in North West England. Infusion is built entirely over water.


Infusion at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Infusion was relocated from Pleasureland Southport, Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s sister park when Pleasureland closed in 2005. Previously known as the Traumatizer, the ride was dismantled and moved to its current location where it reopened in 2007. Infusion was built and manufactured by Vekoma Rides, it is one of many standard model SLC’s (Suspended Looping Coasters) found in amusement parks around the world. The main difference with Infusion is that it is built entirely over water. Riders are seated in eight rows of two for a total of 16 passengers per train with 2 trains being operated at any given time. Most Vekoma SLC’s are capable of running up to 10 cars on each train, however, Vekoma modelled Infusion with only 8 cars to make the ride both smoother and faster. The ride can carry up to 832 riders per hour when both trains are in operation. Infusion is decorated with water jets and fountains and at night is illuminated by floodlights.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Infusion
Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Infusion

Top Speed – 80km/h 50mph
Cost £8m
Length – 2260ft 688m
Height – 109ft 33m
Type – Steel Inverted
Inversions – 5
Theme Park – Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Year Opened – 2007 (1999 as Traumatizer)

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From Traumatizer to Infusion

Despite extensive investment and development, Pleasureland Southport had not turned a profit for several years, so in 2005, the Thompson family (who also own Blackpool Pleasure Beach) sadly made the decision to close the park. This move coincided with the closure of Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Log Flume, Drench Falls which once held the record for being the World’s longest Log Flume when it opened in 1967. Previously operated under the name of Traumatizer, Infusion replaced Drench Falls Log Flume and was Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s first new roller coaster in 13 years.


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