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Fantasy Island - The Millennium
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The Millennium is located at Fantasy Island in Lincolnshire. Standing at 46-metres tall it is one of the tallest roller coasters in the UK.


Millennium at Fantasy Island

Millennium was built to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium but despite its name, was opened in May 1999. It was Fantasy Island’s first “Extreme Thrill Ride”, and circles the Pyramid which is the centrepiece of the park. Featuring three inversions, riders experience two loops and a sidewinder. Millennium finishes in a low helix, which swoops down to a level just above head height of those in the amusement park, frequently startling the unsuspecting public. Some of Millennium Roller Coaster’s track is intertwined with The Odyssey’s, providing some Headchoppers, especially when near The Odyssey’s supports.

Fantasy Island - The Millennium

Top Speed – 90km/h 56mph
Cost – £15m
Length – 2736ft 834m
Height – 150ft 46m
Type – Steel
Inversions – 3
Theme Park – Fantasy Island
Year Opened – 1999


Construction of The Millennium

For years it’s striking yellow and red paintwork could be seen from several miles away. For the 2018 season opening the ride has been totally refurbished with a brand new Vekoma train and paint job. The track is now bright pink with lime green supports and the new train features LED strip lights down both sides.


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