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Rage is located at Adventure Island a free-admission amusement park in Southend-on-Sea. The Parks headline attraction features a vertical lift hill with a steeper-than-vertical first drop.


Rage at Adventure Island

With its pink and yellow paintwork, Rage can be seen from miles around, acting as a beacon pointing the way to Adventure Island. The entrance to the ride slices between the 90-degree lift hill and the beyond vertical drop. The ride was a major addition for Adventure Island when it was installed in 2007, at the time punching way above their weight. Rage is a very similar ride to Speed:No Limits at Oakwood and Saw The Ride at Thorpe Park.

Adventure Island - Rage Vertical Lift Hill

Top Speed – 70km/h 43mph
Cost – £3m
Length – 1184ft 361m
Height – 72ft 22m
Manufacturer – Gerstlauer
Type – Steel Euro Fighter
Inversions – 3
Theme Park – Adventure Island
Year Opened – 2007

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A Room with a View

Rage hit the headlines in 2011 when a family of thrill-seeking crows bagged themselves a bird’s eye view after building their nest at the top of the highest loop. The nest, crammed with twigs and scraps of junk, was just inches away from the track. Despite Rage running on a daily basis it didn’t appear to worry the crows at all who sat happily in their nest within the steel frame of the rollercoaster.

Engineers at the amusement park checked the nest and confirmed that they could see no reason to evict the feathered family. Mr Roberts, the park manager said ‘We’re leaving the nest where it is as it’s perfectly safe for both humans and for the birds.’ Read the full story here.

Rage features a 23 metre vertical lift hill. Other elements include a vertical drop, vertical loop, overhead turns and a 360 degree barrel roll.


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