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Revolution - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
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Revolution is located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Lancashire. The £1m Thrill Ride which opened in 1979 was the first fully looping roller coaster in Europe.


Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Revolution, formerly Irn Bru Revolution, is an Arrow Development shuttle roller coaster. The Thrill Ride uses an Electric Motor and Spring Tension Launch mechanism to propel the ride. Revolution was Europe’s first fully looping roller coaster, the ride consists of two raised sections of track with a vertical loop in the centre. The roller coaster train is launched off the first raised platform, into the loop, and up onto the second platform, where it repeats the process in reverse. As a result of the design, riders are required to climb a series of stairs to get to the loading station. Until the introduction of Infusion in 2007, it was Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s only looping coaster.

Revolution - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Top Speed – 90km/h 56mph
Cost – £1m
Length – 635ft 194m
Height – 56ft 17m
Type – Steel Shuttle Launched
Inversions – 2 (once forwards and once backwards)
Theme Park – Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Year Opened – 1979

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
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Arrow Dynamics

The Revolution which is a Launched Loop roller coaster was a model built by the now-defunct Arrow Dynamics of Utah, USA. The same Company, Arrow Dynamics also built the first Hyper Coaster, Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point, a full-circuit steel coaster over 200 feet tall. When it opened in 1989, Magnum XL-200 was the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. Arrow Dynamics set a new world record in 1994 when it built The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, which is 213 foot tall.

Another well-known roller coaster built by Arrow Dynamics is the Steeplechase also at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


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