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Alton Towers - Rita
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Rita is located at Alton Towers Resort in the beautiful Staffordshire Countryside. Rita was one of the few roller coasters at Alton Towers Resort to not form part of the Secret Weapon program.


Rita at Alton Towers

Rita starts with the train racing forward from the station area, accelerating from 0 to 98.3 km/h (61.1 mph) in 2.5 seconds. The ride negotiates high-speed corners and air-time hills.

Alton Towers - Rita

Top Speed – 98km/h 61mph
Cost – £8m
Length – 2100ft 640m
Height – 69ft 21m
Type – Steel Launched
Inversions – 0
Theme Park – Alton Towers Resort
Year Opened – 2005


Go Go Go

Rita accelerates from 0 to 98.3 km/h (61.1 mph) in 2.5 seconds. In order to achieve this acceleration, a hydraulic launch mechanism is utilised, the same as that used for Stealth which is located at Thorpe Park another of Merlin Entertainments UK Theme Parks.


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