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Saw - The Ride - Thorpe Park
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Saw – The Ride is located at Thorpe Park in Surrey. Themed to the Saw film franchise, it is the world’s first horror movie roller coaster, featuring several references to the movies. Guests experience a ‘beyond vertical’ drop of 100 degrees from a height of 100ft, the steepest roller coaster drop in the world when the ride first opened.


Saw – The Ride at Thorpe Park

Saw – The Ride, is the world’s first horror movie roller coaster. The ride features a vertical lift hill and a ‘beyond vertical’ drop of 100 degrees from a height of 100ft. A number of elements including a headchopper in the form of a set of spinning blades interact with the ride in order to increase the rider thrill level. Saw – The Ride is very similar to Speed:No Limits at Oakwood and Rage at Adventure Island.

Saw - The Ride - Thorpe Park - Horror Movie ThemingTop Speed – 89km/h 55mph
Cost – £13.5m
Length – 2362ft 720m
Height – 100ft 30m
Manufacturer – Gerstlauer
Type – Steel Euro Fighter
Inversions – 3
Theme Park – Thorpe Park
Year Opened – 2009

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Gerstlauer Euro-Fighters

Saw – The Ride is a very similar ride to Speed:No Limits at Oakwood and Rage at Adventure Island. All three rides were manufactured by Gerstlauer and all are The Euro-Fighter model. The trademark feature of the roller coaster is its beyond-vertical drop, which reaches an angle greater than 90 degrees. Although the majority of Euro-Fighters are custom designed for each installation, every design so far has included the trademark drop. A number of different track elements are possible, including vertical loops, diving loops and barrel rolls. Almost all Euro-Fighter models have a vertical chain-driven lift hill, although LSM launch systems are also available.

Saw – The Ride and Rage have the same style of roller coaster trains and the track type is also the same, however, the tracks are in a different configuration. The main similarity is that they both have a vertical climb and more-than-vertical drop which goes straight into a loop. With the similarities between the rides being so close, the team from Merlin Entertainments visited Adventure Island to learn how they operated Rage prior to the opening of Saw – The Ride.


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