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Shockwave Stand-up Roller Coaster - Drayton Manor
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Shockwave is located at Drayton Manor in Staffordshire. The £4m Thrill Ride is the UK’s first and only Standup Roller Coaster. It is also the only stand-up roller coaster with a zero-gravity roll ever made.


Shockwave at Drayton Manor

Shockwave opened in 1994 and is Europe’s only stand-up rollercoaster. Riders remain on their feet as they travel through four inversions including a loop, zero-gravity roll and two corkscrews.

Drayton Manor - Shockwave

Top Speed – 85km/h 53mph
Cost – £4m
Length – 1640ft 500m
Height – 120ft 36m
Type – Steel Stand-up
Inversions – 4
Theme Park – Drayton Manor
Year Opened – 1994

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Shockwave’s Unique Elements

Shockwave - Drayton Manor - Stand-up Roller Coaster Restraints
Shockwave – Drayton Manor – Stand-up Roller Coaster Restraints

Shockwave is the only stand-up roller coaster in the world that features a zero Gravity roll. This is a roller coaster inversion where the track twists 360 degrees (like an in-line twist or barrel roll) as it rises and falls in elevation, usually at the crest of a hill. At its highest point, riders are fully inverted. The element gets its name from the weightless effect of zero g-force that a rider experiences during the inversion. Although the zero gravity roll is designed to give the sensation of weightlessness, this isn’t always the case as it depends on what speed the element is taken at.

Instead of sitting in a chair, like on a regular roller coaster, when riding Shockwave, riders stand on their feet with special harnesses used to support them. The Apocalypse Drop Tower at Drayton Manor also features a carriage where guests can ride in the standing position.

Shockwave Stand Up Roller Coaster - Drayton Manor Theme Park
Shockwave Stand Up Roller Coaster – Drayton Manor Theme Park


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