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Fantasy Island - The Odyssey Loop
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The Odyssey is located at Fantasy Island in Lincolnshire. Formerly known as The Jubilee Odyssey, this large inverted steel roller coaster was originally planned to be 265 foot tall, which would have made it the tallest Inverted Coaster in the world. Unfortunately, these plans were scrapped due to complaints from local residents, limiting the height of the ride to 167 foot.


The Odyssey at Fantasy Island

When The Odyssey first opened in 2002, its original name was The Jubilee Odyssey to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. It is the ride manufacturer Vekoma’s tallest example of their Suspended Looping Coaster (SLC) design in the world. Standing at 167 feet (51 metres), its lift-hill motors and brakes are powered by a £4 million dung-powered generator, which converts manure into methane gas.

Fantasy Island - The Odyssey

Top Speed – 101km/h 63mph
Cost – £28m
Length – 2924ft 891m
Height – 167ft 50m
Type – Steel Inverted
Inversions – 5
Theme Park – Fantasy Island
Year Opened – 2002


Construction of The Odyssey

The Odyssey’s reported construction cost of £28 million is the highest of any roller coaster ever built in the United Kingdom. The ride is the largest SLC (Suspended Looping Coaster) in the world with its 38-metre vertical loop being the highest in the UK. After it initially opened in 2002 the ride suffered problems with the trains stalling numerous times. After operating for a year, the Cobra Roll and Horseshoe were lowered in an attempt to prevent this occurring. Lowering the track resolved the problem, with the train only stalling on a couple of occasions since then. One example, was in September 2005 after the trains returned from Vekoma’s factory where they had been for repairs. Presumably, in an attempt to increase the smoothness of the ride, the wheels had been tightened, this was thought to be the reason for a rollback on the first test run (due to the increased friction). It is said to be a one-off occurrence, and the train was only testing and not carrying any passengers at the time. To further reduce the risk of stalling, the ride does not operate during certain combinations of high wind speed and direction.


The Jubilee Odyssey

The roller coaster first opened as The Jubilee Odyssey on 23rd May 2002, it was named to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The ride was opened and ridden on by Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. In 2011 it was renamed to The Odyssey.


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