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Wipeout -Pleasurewood Hills
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Wipeout is located at Pleasurewood Hills in Suffolk. The Boomerang style Roller Coaster is the only ride of this type still operating in the UK following the Boomerang ride at Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes being moved to China when the Theme Park closed at the end of the 2016 season.


Wipeout at Pleasurewood Hills

Formerly named The Missle at American Adventure, the ride was relocated to Pleasurewood Hills and renamed The Wipeout when The American Adventure sadly closed in 2005. The roller coaster is a boomerang ride wherein the train is taken backwards up a lift hill. Once at the top of the lift hill, the train is released and picks up speed, racing back through the ride station and traversing a cobra roll and a vertical loop before climbing a 2nd lift hill adjacent to the main one. The ride then repeats the entire sequence of events backwards, which is why it is a boomerang style roller coaster.

Pleasewood Hills - Wipeout Lift Hill
Pleasewood Hills – Wipeout Lift Hill

Top Speed – 80km/h 50mph
Cost – £1m est
Length – 935ft 285m
Height – 120ft 37m
Type – Steel Shuttle Boomerang
Inversions – 6 (3 forwards and 3 backwards)
Theme Park – Pleasurewood Hills
Year Opened – 2007


Wipeout History

The Wipeout first operated at the Glasgow Garden Festival in Scotland, the UK during 1988, named the Coca-Cola Roller, it was painted entirely white. The following year, it opened at American Adventure Theme Park in Derbyshire, England, UK and was called Missile. In the mid-1990s the ride was repainted grey with blue supports. The ride was relocated to Pleasurewood Hills and renamed The Wipeout when The American Adventure closed in 2005. As part of the move to Pleasurewood Hills, the original train from Arrow Dynamics was replaced with a Vekoma train from Speed of Sound, a similar model roller coaster at Walibi Holland in the Netherlands.


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