Must-Read Travel Books for Every Wanderlust Enthusiast 5/5 (6)

Must-Read Travel Books for Every Wanderlust Enthusiast

Exploring the world can also happen within the pages of a book. By diving into a book, you get to jet off to far-off places and live through adventures and encounters without ever having to leave your cosy reading nook. We’ve compiled a selection of travel books that never fail to enchant us, whisking us away on incredible journeys from the cosy corners of our living rooms.

Top Travel Books

1 – Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah’s rise from the depths of apartheid in South Africa to the prestigious position anchoring ‘The Daily Show’ started with an act that was considered a crime at his birth. In his gripping autobiography, Noah walks us through the tale of his early years—caught in the fading shadows of apartheid and stepping into the turbulent waters of newfound freedom.

This autobiographical account is laced with humour characteristic of a seasoned late-night talk show host, yet it diverges with deep personal reflections and starker realities. Noah pays a touching tribute to his mother through his story, while also offering an insightful look into what life is really like in South Africa. While engrossing, the memoir’s non-linear timeline occasionally renders the progression of events somewhat perplexing for the reader.

Must-Read Travel Books for Every Wanderlust Enthusiast

2 – Elixir by Kapka Kassabova

After spending ten years in the Scottish Highlands, Kapka Kassabova, a native of Bulgaria, embarked on a return to her ancestral homeland in the secluded Mesta Valley located in southwest Bulgaria. A location that is famous for its wildly diverse plants that pack a punch with their healing properties. Navigating the converging paths of this relocation during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kassabova, a poet and author by trade, endeavoured to deeply understand the intricate connections the local people have with their flora, the earth, and traditions tied to both. Her literary work, weaving a storyline through chapters like “Pine Syrup,” “Honey Sellers,” and “Shepherd’s Superfood,” presents a personal narrative of discovery in one of the world’s hidden gems, teeming with natural harvests, traditional healers, and a rich tapestry of indigenous customs.

When searching for adventure books, you will always be faced with a choice: either buy a printed book or read e-books. When we read a novel online, we experience slightly different emotions, unlike printed literature. Moreover, you can read online books even on a smartphone. I would recommend installing a reading app, but also don’t forget about printed literature. For example, Fiction Me on my smartphone always comes to the rescue, especially when traveling, where there are simply no books.

3 – A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle

Imagine the charm of relocating to the serene south of France. In “A Year in Provence,” Peter Mayle lets us into his world, sharing the escapades and challenges of transitioning from the UK to the heart of Provence, France. He crafts a story that paints this magical area of Provence with such vibrant colours, you can’t help but wish for your very own adventure in those charming surroundings.

Must-Read Travel Books for Every Wanderlust Enthusiast eBooks

4 – Not Afraid of the Fall by Kyle James

Kyle James and his partner Ashley embarked on a life-altering adventure, leaving behind the routine of their day jobs and future plans after securing one-way tickets from New York City to Paris. Over 114 days, they traversed 15 countries and 38 cities, armed with nothing more than their backpacks, smartphones, and each other’s company.

The diary-style book narrating Kyle and Ashley’s global escapades captivated me deeply. However, despite the absence of a central narrative theme, the diary format successfully brings readers along on their spontaneous journeys spanning Europe and Asia.

5 – The Farthest Shore by Alex Roddie

Immerse yourself in “The Farthest Shore,” where Alex Roddie takes you on a quest for tranquillity, silence, and untamed wilderness in the Scottish Highlands amidst the starkness of winter.

The Cape Wrath Trail, known as one of Scotland’s most stunning hikes, really shows off its charm when summer rolls around. Come winter, it transforms into a creature of wild, untamed character. Venture through this extraordinary journey and experience the serene enchantment of Alex’s 300-mile solitary journey across Scotland’s relentless terrain.

6 – World Travel by Anthony Bourdain & Laurie Woolever

Anthony Bourdain had only laid down the initial blueprint of this book before his untimely departure. But, flipping through the pages, you can’t help but hear his unique style coming through loud and clear. You’ll also find heartfelt pieces from friends who share stories of their adventures with Tony – tales that span everything from globe-trotting escapades to culinary discoveries and the ins and outs of life alongside him. However, it loses some of its lustre when it attempts to double as a travel guide, offering practical yet mundane details about airport transfers and booking flights that feel disjointed from the spirit of Bourdain’s legacy.

Must-Read Travel Books for Every Wanderlust Enthusiast - Sea Views

7 – How to Be Alone by Nicole Antoinette

Discover the remarkable tale of Nicole Antoinette and her awe-inspiring adventure: trekking solo across the 800-mile expanse of the Arizona Trail – a feat she once believed to be unimaginable. If you loved the raw and riveting journey Cheryl Strayed shares in “Wild,” then adding “How to Be Alone” to your bookshelf is a no-brainer. It stands out as one of those must-read hiking memoirs that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

Venture into the pages of this candid 2023 travel memoir, an unflinchingly sincere chronicle of a woman’s quest to surpass her own limits. This tale shines a light on her journey, breaking free from the chains of always putting others first and dealing with co-dependency. It’s a defining moment in her life that speaks volumes about her personal victory.

8 – Full Tilt by Dervla Murphy

Since being captivated by “Footsteps in the Andes,” we’ve found ourselves immersed in the explorations of Dervla Murphy, whose writings echo the timeless essence of travel literature. “Full Tilt,” her maiden literary voyage from Ireland to India, sees her traversing the terrains of 1960s Afghanistan and Pakistan by bicycle—a feat unparalleled by her contemporaries. Murphy really brings something fresh to the table in the crowded world of travel literature, with “Full Tilt” shining bright as one of her most impressive achievements.

9 – The Beach by Alex Garland

The Beach, written by Alex Garland, is a captivating novel set in Thailand. It follows the journey of a young backpacker in search of a legendary, untouched paradise—a hidden beach that remains unspoiled by tourism.

In 2000, The Beach was adapted into a film directed by Danny Boyle and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

10 – Papillon by Henri Charrière

Papillon, written by Henri Charrière and first published in France in 1969, is a gripping account of Papillon’s life during a 14-year period (from October 26, 1931 to October 18, 1945). The novel chronicles his journey from wrongful conviction for murder in France to his life of hard labour at the notorious Bagne de Cayenne, the French penal colony in Devil’s Island, French Guiana.

This gripping memoir takes readers on a thrilling journey through Papillon’s remarkable life, daring escapes, and heroic adventures in the face of adversity


The allure of travel isn’t just in the movement; it’s intertwined with the anticipation and the dreaming – be it an idyllic retreat to an uncharted island or an epic sojourn spanning the ice-clad expanse of the Arctic Ocean. Yet, the wonders of globe-trotting can also be savoured from the cosy corners of our dwellings. Diving into our top picks for travel reads this year, you’ll discover a mix that’s as rich and varied as the destinations they cover. There are essays that whisk you away with their whimsy, reflective stories that pull you deep into the experience, and guides so detailed they practically book your trip for you.

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