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The Big One - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

This is a listing of the Top 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the UK. There are some amazing roller coasters in our UK theme parks. If height is important to you then here is where you will find the ten tallest UK roller coasters.

New Number 1 Opening 2024 – Hyperia @ Thorpe Park Resort 72m

The number 1 position is currently held by The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, but the Number 1 position will be claimed by Hyperia which is due to open at Thorpe Park Resort in 2024!

Discover more about Hyperia at the Thorpe Park Resort Official Website!

1 – The Big One @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach 65m

When The Big One opened to the public on 28 May 1994, it held the record of the tallest roller coaster in the world. It held this record until July 1996, when Fujiyama opened at Fuji-Q Highland in Japan. At a height of 213ft (65m), The Big One remains the tallest roller coaster in the UK. To really experience the height of The Big One you can also take an escorted climb to the 235ft summit of the lift hill.

Top Speed – 119km/h 74mph
Cost – £12m
Length – 5497ft 1675m
Height – 213ft 65m
Manufacturer – Arrow Dynamics
Type – Steel – Hyper Coaster
Inversions – 0
Theme Park – Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Year Opened – 1994

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2 – Stealth @ Thorpe Park 62m

Stealth is one of Europe’s fastest rollercoasters and one of the UK’s tallest. The ride reaches a height of 205ft in under 2 seconds using the fastest acceleration of any coaster in the UK with riders being propelled from 0-80mph. As the lights change from red to green, brace yourself as the ride experience has the same brake horsepower as not just one, but two Formula 1 cars.

Top Speed – 130km/h 80mph
Cost – £12m
Length – 1312ft 400m
Height – 205ft 62m
Manufacturer – Intamin
Type – Steel Launched
Inversions – 0
Theme Park – Thorpe Park
Year Opened – 2006

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3 – The Odyssey @ Fantasy Island 50m

When The Odyssey first opened in 2002, its original name was The Jubilee Odyssey to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. It is the ride manufacturer Vekoma’s tallest example of their Suspended Looping Coaster (SLC) design in the world. Standing at 167 feet (51 metres), its lift-hill motors and brakes are powered by a £4 million dung-powered generator, which converts manure into methane gas.

Top Speed – 101km/h 63mph
Cost – £28m
Length – 2924ft 891m
Height – 167ft 50m
Manufacturer – Vekoma
Type – Steel Inverted
Inversions – 5
Theme Park – Fantasy Island
Year Opened – 2002

4 – Millennium @ Fantasy Island 46m

Millennium was built to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium but despite its name, was opened in May 1999. It was Fantasy Island’s first “Extreme Thrill Ride”, and circles the Pyramid which is the centrepiece of the park. Featuring three inversions, riders experience two loops and a sidewinder. Millennium finishes in a low helix, which swoops down to a level just above head height of those in the amusement park, frequently startling the unsuspecting public. Some of Millennium Roller Coaster’s track is intertwined with The Odyssey, providing some Headchoppers, especially when near The Odyssey’s supports.

Top Speed – 90km/h 56mph
Cost – £15m
Length – 2736ft 834m
Height – 150ft 46m
Manufacturer – Vekoma
Type – Steel
Inversions – 3
Theme Park – Fantasy Island
Year Opened – 1999

5 – The Swarm @ Thorpe Park 38m

The Swarm is a steel Wing Coaster at Thorpe Park. As with all Wing Coasters, the seats of the ride are located on either side of the track meaning that riders are completely suspended in mid-air with nothing above or below them.

The Swarm - Thorpe Park

Top Speed – 92km/h 57mph
Cost – £20m
Length – 2543ft 775m
Height – 127ft 38m
Manufacturer – Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M)
Type – Steel Wing Coaster
Inversions – 4
Theme Park – Thorpe Park
Year Opened – 2012

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6 – Wipeout @ Pleasurewood Hills 37m

Formerly named The Missle at American Adventure, the ride was relocated to Pleasurewood Hills and renamed The Wipeout when The American Adventure sadly closed in 2005. The roller coaster is a boomerang ride wherein the train is taken backwards up a lift hill. Once at the top of the lift hill, the train is released and picks up speed, racing back through the ride station and traversing a cobra roll and a vertical loop before climbing a 2nd lift hill adjacent to the main one. The ride then repeats the entire sequence of events backwards, which is why it is a boomerang-style roller coaster.

Wipeout -Pleasurewood Hills

Top Speed – 80km/h 50mph
Cost – £1m est
Length – 935ft 285m
Height – 120ft 37m
Manufacturer – Vekoma
Type – Steel Shuttle Boomerang
Inversions – 6 (3 forwards and 3 backwards)
Theme Park – Pleasurewood Hills
Year Opened – 2007

7 – Shockwave @ Drayton Manor 36m

Shockwave opened in 1994 and is Europe’s only stand-up rollercoaster. Riders remain on their feet as they travel through four inversions including a loop, zero-gravity roll and two corkscrews.

Top Speed – 85km/h 53mph
Cost – £4m
Length – 1640ft 500m
Height – 120ft 36m
Manufacturer – Intamin
Type – Steel Stand-up
Inversions – 4
Theme Park – Drayton Manor
Year Opened – 1994

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8 – Kumali @ Flamingo Land 35m

Kumali features a unique custom layout and a breathtaking top speed of 56mph. Featuring a total of four inversions, riders experience up to 4.7g. The ride features an 87-foot tall loop, 55-foot Zero-G roll, a Cobra Roll and Boomerang, which is suspended over a lake at a height of 75 feet.

Flamingo Land - Kumali

Top Speed – 90km/h 56mph
Cost – £6m
Length – 2202ft 671m<
Height – 117ft 35m
Manufacturer – Vekoma
Type – Steel Inverted
Inversions – 4
Theme Park – Flamingo Land Resort
Year Opened – 2006

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9 – Speed:No Limits @ Oakwood 35m

Speed:No Limits is the tallest, fastest and steepest roller coaster in Wales. The ride is the UK’s original beyond-vertical-drop roller coaster, and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. Speed:No Limits features a 90-degree chain lift hill and a 97-degree first drop.

Top Speed – 95km/h 59mph
Cost – £3m
Length – 1970ft 600m
Height – 115ft 35m
Manufacturer – Gerstlauer
Type – Steel Euro-Fighter
Inversions – 2
Theme Park – Oakwood
Year Opened – 2006

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10 – Infusion @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach 33m

Infusion was relocated from Pleasureland Southport, Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s sister park when Pleasureland closed in 2005. Previously known as the Traumatizer, the ride was dismantled and moved to its current location where it reopened in 2007. Infusion was built and manufactured by Vekoma Rides, it is one of many standard model SLC’s (Suspended Looping Coasters) found in amusement parks around the world. The main difference with Infusion is that it is built entirely over water. Riders are seated in eight rows of two for a total of 16 passengers per train with 2 trains being operated at any given time. Most Vekoma SLC’s are capable of running up to 10 cars on each train, however, Vekoma modelled Infusion with only 8 cars to make the ride both smoother and faster. The ride can carry up to 832 riders per hour when both trains are in operation. The ride is decorated with water jets and fountains and at night is illuminated by floodlights.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Infusion

Top Speed – 80km/h 50mph
Cost £8m
Length – 2260ft 688m
Height – 109ft 33m
Manufacturer – Vekoma
Type – Steel Inverted
Inversions – 5
Theme Park – Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Year Opened – 2007 (1999 as Traumatizer)

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