SEA LIFE London Aquarium

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    SEA LIFE London Aquarium

    Dive into a marine adventure at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium. The attraction is a great experience for children and is home to one of Europe’s largest collections of global marine life. Situated in the heart of London, SEA LIFE London Aquarium is the jewel in the crown of the 28 SEA LIFE attractions in the UK and Europe.


    SEA LIFE London Aquarium offers the following exhibits and attractions:


    Shark Walk

    Start your visit to the SEA LIFE London Aquarium by walking over a glass window with incredible views into the magnificent Pacific display. Admire some of the most majestic creatures in the ocean as they swim just inches beneath your feet!



    Continue your journey of discovery as you explore the mysterious creatures that inhabit the world’s coastlines! Meet the Common Octopus and be dazzled by a sparkling silver shoal of sand eels.


    Ray Lagoon

    The next stop is a lagoon stocked with beautiful Rays. These curious creatures are graceful to watch from above. You can also take a look through the window to see the mouth and gills on the underside of their body as they pass on by. Look for a Mermaids Purse (Ray’s egg) hidden in the sand.



    At the Rockpool exhibit visitors to SEA LIFE London Aquarium can stroke a Starfish or tickle a Sea Anemone. Experts are on hand throughout this unique opportunity to learn more about these fascinating micro-habitats and the incredible creatures that thrive in them.


    Open Oceans

    A breathtaking scene awaits you at the Open Ocean exhibit. Flitting around the replica bones of a great Grey Whale are Purple Tangs, Triggerfish, Snappers and hundreds more gorgeous tropical fish. Imposing Southern Stingrays patrol the seabed whilst small Cownose Rays dance above their heads.


    Ocean Tunnel

    Travel into the underwater world and meet the incredible creatures as you pass through the amazing glass tunnel. Look out for the enormous Green Sea turtles gliding slowly over your head whilst Shoals of glittering fish flutter along beside you.


    Nemo’s Coral Reef

    At Nemo’s Coral Reef, you will see the coral reef, a kaleidoscope of colour, bustling with activity. This is where you’ll find cute Clownfish hiding in the tentacles of Sea Anemones. These cities of the sea are teaming with fish which come in every colour, shape and pattern you can imagine.


    Seahorse Kingdom

    Weedy Sea Dragons are native to the Australian coastline and are the masters of camouflage. Seadragons and Seahorses may sound like mythical creatures but here you can see just how real they are. In this kingdom, Seahorses grip at seagrass with their curly tails
    and suck up tiny shrimp with their straw-like snouts. Admire the Seadragons as they bob slowly past the window.


    SEA LIFE London Aquarium - Cuban Crocodile
    SEA LIFE London Aquarium – Cuban Crocodile

    Step out of the ocean and into the hot and humid rainforest to experience what life is like beneath the tropical treetops. Poison Dart Frogs leap through the foliage and monster Red Tailed Catfish and Black Pacu lurk in the depths. Winding through the roots and tree trunks, rainforest rivers are home to some spectacular fish. Look out for the flock of Piranhas and keep your eyes peeled for Look for the Blind Cave Fish who have no eyes. The resident Cuban Crocodile called Spice is a star attraction in the Rainforest exhibit.


    Thames Walk

    Learn all about the iconic River Thames from what is being done to keep it clean to the surprising animals that live in it. Find out how the river has come back from the dead in recent years as you explore its history,