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Next time you are travelling why not try a selection of our favourite children’s car games to keep everyone entertained.

Top 10 Fun Car Games to Play When Travelling

Below we list our 10 favourite road trip games to help you pass the time on long car journeys. Listening to music in the car is all very well, but nothing beats a traditional driving game for all the family.

Attractions Near Me - Bring on the Fun Bingo

Hopefully these travel games will keep the kids entertained long enough to stop them asking the dreaded question, ‘are we there yet?’

1. Bring on The Fun Bingo

Eye Spy is a classic game to play when heading out on a car journey but the kids will find it even more entertaining when you play Attractions Near Me’s ‘Bring on the Fun Bingo.

Bring On the Fun Bingo is great fun for all ages. The aim of the game is to spot as many objects as possible on your bingo sheet. In order to make the game more interesting, why not create your own list of items to spot before heading off on your journey with each member of your party having some slight variations on their list of things to find.

Visit our Bring on The Fun Bingo post for some ideas on what to look for.

2. Guess the Time

A fun game to play when you commence your journey. You’ve bagged cheap tickets to Alton Towers, you have studied the park map and planned your list of attractions to hit first and the kids can’t wait to jump on the latest stomach churning rollercoaster.

Before putting the address into the Sat-Nav everyone guesses how long is it until you’ll be scared senseless on the The Curse at Alton Manor, or get your thrills on Nemesis Reborn?

Alton Towers Resort - Nemesis Reborn
Nemesis Reborn @ Alton Towers Resort

3. Who Lives at This House?

This entertaining game requires a lively imagination! Make up stories about the lives of the people who live in the houses that you pass:

⭐ What are their names?
⭐ What do they do for a living?
⭐ Do they have any hobbies?
⭐ What pets do they have, any what are they called?

You can also play this game for the people in the cars next to you:

⭐ Where do they live
⭐ What music are they listening to?
⭐ Where are they going?

4. Vehicle Colours Game

This game is easy and entertaining, each player chooses their favourite colour and then see who can spot the most vehicles in their chosen colour on the journey.

5. 20 Questions

This game requires one person to think of an animal, ride, attraction, person, film, object (you choose!), and the rest of the players must ask a series of questions to find out what it is. However the challenge is that the person answering the questions can only answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and those asking the questions can only ask one at a time. The first person to guess the answer wins and gets to be the one to think of something for the next round!

Chessington World of Adventures - Wanyama View
Chessington World of Adventures – Wanyama View

6. Put the ‘Fun’ In It

Take it in turns to count from 1-100, without making a mistake. Each time a number with 3 or 8 in it comes up, the word ‘Fun’ must be said instead. If one person forgets to say ‘Fun’, they are then out of the game and everyone must start from 1 again.

You can make up your own words to replace numbers with and for older children, this game can be made more difficult by adding rules, for example ‘numbers that are divisible by 6 must be replaced.

7. Fortunately / Unfortunately

One person begins with a sentence that describes a situation, for example ‘One day I woke up at LEGOLAND.’ Taking it in turns, each person then contributes a sentence to the story; however the beginning of the sentence must alternate between ‘fortunately’ and ‘unfortunately’.  

So, the second person would then add to this story with an unfortunate turn, e.g. ‘Unfortunately, I came face to face with a LEGO Shark, which started to chase me.’ The third person would proceed with a fortunate event, e.g. ‘Fortunately I found a speed boat and was able to race away.’

8. The Tunnel Game

You’re heading in to a tunnel, and the children have left you in dire need of some quiet time. So why not kill two birds with one stone by challenging them to either see who can hold their breath or stay quiet the longest.

Challenges can include holding their breath for the entire length of the next road tunnel, until the next roundabout or until they spot a car in a certain colour? Time them to see how long they can hold on and whoever lasts the longest wins.

9. Would you rather?

Would you rather ride Mandrill Mayhem 20 times non stop or spend a night in Warwick Castle Dungeon? Would you rather swim with Sharks or abseil off Blackpool Tower? None of the options are particularly pleasing, but you’ve got to pick one: that’s the premise of this travel game.

Mandrill Mayhem - Chessington World of Adventures
Mandrill Mayhem – Chessington World of Adventures

10. I Spy

Last (but not least), I Spy is a fantastic guessing game for long journeys. One person chooses an object that is visible to all players, and says ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…’, stating the first letter of the object that they have spotted. Other players have to guess the chosen object, and the first person to guess correctly gets to start the next round.

Got More Fun Games?

If you know of some more fun games that we have not listed above then please feel free to comment below.

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