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Indoor Roller Coaster at Metroland

You may wonder what is the difference between an Indoor Roller Coaster and an Enclosed Roller Coaster? You may think that if a roller coaster is inside a building then it is an indoor roller coaster but that is not always the case.


Indoor Roller Coasters

An indoor roller coaster is one that is built inside a structure unrelated to the ride. In many cases, entire amusement parks are located indoors and are part of larger complexes such as shopping malls. A perfect example was the roller coaster which was located within Metroland at Gateshead Metro Centre. Sadly Metroland closed in 2008 and the ride was dismantled and put into storage but it has since been revitalised as Rampage Rollercoaster located at The Big Sheep in Devon.

An example of an indoor rollercoaster operating in the UK can be found at Babylon Park in Camden Town, London. .

Babylon Park - Roller Coaster
Babylon Park – Roller Coaster


Enclosed Roller Coasters

Enclosed roller coasters are easily confused with indoor roller coasters. Enclosed roller coasters are housed in a building built specifically for the ride, whereas indoor roller coasters are housed in a building unrelated to the ride. Enclosed roller coasters are often ridden in almost or complete darkness with the structure often having a theme and special effects.

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Raptor Attack

Lightwater Valley Theme Park - Raptor Attack
Lightwater Valley Theme Park – Raptor Attack

Raptor Attack at Lightwater Valley Theme Park in North Yorkshire was a perfect example of an enclosed roller coaster. Raptor Attack was contained within a warehouse-type building which is hidden by trees and embankments. This gave the illusion that the ride is actually underground. The ride took place in complete darkness making it impossible to predict the upcoming direction of travel, thus making it more thrilling. Originally named the ‘Rat Ride and themed around sewer rats. The entry and exit corridors accurately replicated a real sewer and the cars resembled Rats before the ride was rethemed in 2010 when the cars were changed to look like mine-carts. When Covid struck in 2020 and indoor attractions were not allowed to operate, Lightwater Valley took the decision to close and remove the Raptor Attack Roller Coaster as part of their rebranding of the theme park aimed at a younger audience.


Astro Storm

Brean Theme Park - Astro Storm Station

Astro Storm is the former Space Invader and later Space Invader 2 roller coaster ride, which operated at Blackpool Pleasure Beach between 1984 and 2008. In a similar manner to when the ride was located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, it is an enclosed roller coaster that operates in darkness and incorporates futuristic outer space effects.


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